Tuesday, November 10, 2015

34 weeks....flashback!

HAHA I love this, I just found it in my drafts! I must have forgotten that I wrote this out & well hello baby!

I can't believe it, it still feels surreal that I am a Mom. I stare at Baby and get teary, the amount of love and wonderment I feel is unimaginable. It has been the most intense month and a half ever. I can honestly say it has flown by, each day faster than the one before. I remember labor like it was yesterday but I can hardly recall what it was like to feel her kick and jump on my bladder while in my belly. Queue all the feelings (oh yes and tears!)

Get ready for blogging some occasional blogging, I want to remember these baby moments!

Photo by Danielle Moss

A little flashback.......

How far along?
34 weeks as of 9.17.2015
Baby Girl 
Weight gain?
14 pounds
Maternity clothes?
Just bought a pair of yoga maternity pants, and I LOVE them! The high rise waist band just holds everything in. And they are meant to roll down as well, so I foresee wearing them a bunch right after baby too! 
Baby movement?
Yes all the time! I can definitely tell the difference between kicks, stretches and wiggles now. I'm trying to memorize these feelings and sensations, time is starting to fly by! 
Yep, still sleeping like a baby! No pun intended. Ready to sleep without a mountain of pillows and flat on my back! 
Still nothing really, still missing summer cocktails....a salt-rimmed margarita sounds delish! 
Big Belly :)  
Missing anything?
Walking and barre. And trying to work in more hip stretching/squatting. 
Best moment this week?
Enjoying the really long weekend by doing the least amount of things possible! It was glorious...although now have that man I wish i had done more feeling! Oh well! 
Looking forward to?
Our weekly Bradely Method birthing class, and more work on the nursery!
On my mind?
The nursery still isn't done.....And i still need to order a few more baby things and prepare for hospital. The Type A in me is starting to make lists! :) 7 weeks, will fly by!