Wednesday, August 26, 2015

lady lumps....wait... Belly Bump!

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Radio silence was 400% not intentional. Last month I got a promotion at work (YASSS! :D ) but that has meant reallllly long work days, transitioning roles, working two positions while trying to wrap up or train someone else on how to complete the project. And now supervising a team of 13 people. Going from just managing projects for 5 people, to running a team with 13 people spread all of the world. Like whoa! In the best way possible.

I haven't kept up with weekly belly updates as I wanted (just even for myself!) but thankfully we have been blessed with an easy, healthy and busy little peanut/pregnancy! I know I feel thankful every day! I have been trying to snap belly shots through out, it hopes to put together a timeline to watch our precious Monkey grow. (yes, the nickname is holding strong!)

So what a better way to catch back up with all of you, plastering my belly across the internet!!! Here she is in all her growing glory! These are from the past week! Boy, she is getting big!!! And to think at 20 weeks I thought I was big....I had no clue! ;)

For the Mama's out there: Did any of you measure big at any of your appointments? Our little babe measured 2 weeks bigger than normal last week :/ when she's measured on par other weeks (on your fundal height). Hoping she was in a funky position.....My brother and I were both tiny babies. otherwise I might be growing a chunkster!!!

 After work-out protein smoothies
 Summer evenings on the deck, with Big Brother cuddles!
 Umm, acrobatics?! :/ 
Girlfriend date at Soulcycle, with your tag-along baby HA!