Friday, July 17, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Tied with the Shopbop Friends and Family sale, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a sale I wait for!

Yes it is that good! What makes it so good you ask, well it is new Fall items on sale. On big sale ahead of the season!!! Normally we wait for sales when teh season is half over, but now we can get some new items and have them, ready to wear when the weather and season start to change!

For me I always try to use this is a chance to buy a staple item(s) that might need replacing [Undies, Denim etc] or something I have been looking at for a while! This year I snagged a pair of booties (that I actually bought and returned last year because I had guilt at full price!) and a few years ago I picked up my Chloe bag! Both items that rarely go on sale and are worth their full prices, but come'on who doesn't love a discount!

Here are my picks (plus a few more I'd love to have)!! The sale is finally open to the general public, after about a week of pre-sale for card-holders. I am still eyeing that cozy hooded cardigan and a new plaid button down. I will be indoors most of winter (BABY!) so something to make those stay home days feel better :) Plus I hear button downs are a great item for breastfeeding (which I hope to do!).

Did you get anything??? If so, what?

Madewell + Sezane

I posted about this on Facebook on Wednesday but had to share here too! The second collaboration with Madewell + Sezane just released. And I'm pretty much still obsessed with all things Paris, France, and their je ne sais quoi style and attitude.

The first release had so many products sell out and I have a feeling this one will too! In fact the cute leather skirt already did! I bet the T's and sweatshirt are second. The first release's sweatshirt was a hit! (I love it....yes I own it! :P)

Perfectly chic, classic items. Timeless and closet staples. Sign me up! I think the red striped T or sweatshirt want to live with me. I just need to decide!

Here are my favorite items:

OOO Madewell is also having an incredible sale on additional cart wants to fill up with these! Just enter EXTRA40 at checkout until 7/22!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

on my (shopping) radar

Being pregnant has been weird. I want to shop but then I go out wallet in hand and nothing appeals to me. Even if online I was 'dyinggggg' for it. I'm betting it is the ever growing and changing bump on the front of my body! LOL Except at Target because somehow I always spend the obligatory $100 every.single.time.

Pregnancy update coming for those who are into that thing tomorrow....but for today here are somethings on my radar, want list, like list or bought list! (I didn't say I fully stopped shopping, did I?)

1. Madewell + Sezane - The second collaboration of the Brand and the iconic French designer. I love the more simple, classic 'French' pieces. Hello stripes! 
2. Sunnies - Go figure I haven't scratched up a pair of sunglasses in forrrrever but I scratch my really nice RX Rayban aviators. Right smack in the middle of the lens. Thinking Warby's for some new RX's, so I don't burst into tears if this happens again (Yay, hormones!)
3. Chole Crossbody - Crossbody bags are all I have been using lately, I'd love another small neutral. 
4. Clare Viver Backpack - Nothing that I need but how cute?! I want it to go to the beach with, the light colors and the stripes scream ocean and summer. Now who doesn't love that! 
5. Baskets - Baby stuff is starting to accumulate and I need to organize it! ;)
6. Nuna Mixx Stroller - We finally picked a stroller, and I'm soooo obsessed! I have a feeling one of the grandparents wants to get it for our little Monkey, which we are so grateful!! I can't wait to push it around the house and soon with our babe inside!!! Eeks!!! 
7. Rag and Bone Booties - GO GET YOURS, they are on major sale with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale right now!!! I adore my black RB's, wear them constantly in cooler weather, so finding a tan/brown alternative I know I'll love to death on big sale was just :) 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shopping the sale rack!!

With a growing baby bump shopping is a lot more window shopping, allllll baby shopping or of the purse/shoe desire :)

Don't get me wrong I still have wants, it's just hard to know how my belly will be shaped a few weeks from now, let alone in a day or two! (It's just crazy! I mean I knew but I guess I don't really know!) So shopping for clothes is way different than it's ever been before!

But.....I do have a few 'desires' from Shopbop's recent set of new sale items!!! Did anyone scoop up any great summer gear?! Let me live vicariously through you! Do share in the comments!

Shop all my favorites: