Monday, June 8, 2015

say what glider?

Umm, having never had a child and with one currently growing in my belly I recently discovered something that I was completely unaware. How has no one... anyone warn you....The price of a glider/rocking chair ottoman. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!! Holy Sticker shock!!!

Maybe I am naive, but I was all whoa! This isn't for my living room, just the babies and will most likely end up with some form of bodily fluid sooner than later ;) Prices range from a few hundred to upwards of a monthly rent payment. And of course the ones I adore - higher back, more modern lines, solid color are in that later camp.

Any advice? Where did you find yours? I know I will spend many a night here early on, I just can't fathom spending that much!

I did see some that look nice on discount websites but there aren't many reviews and how can you really tell colors (see the one in my last post)! Help a girl out!! Spill how you or a friend found theirs!


  1. yesss they are crazy expensive...which sucks bc you are right they will have baby stuff on them pretty quick. we got a rocker from land of nod that is stylish enough to have in our guest room or master bedroom after baby (that is if it's not covered in too much stuff ;) ...AND it was a gift from my mom. we bought the ottoman which was still crazy expensive for an ottoman! but I use that rocker everyday! it doesnt totally justify the price but it helps an argument if you found one you love. xo jillian

    1. Yes so true!! We just don't have room in the Master or a guest room now ;) so we shall see! The toughest part I'm finding is I want a higher back, most of the lower priced options and lower backs/end at the shoulders. Where will my head go when I'm zonking out?! LOL

  2. I don't have kids yet but I pinned this - seems to work out well for people who made the hack - Target has some as well (also, pinning for the future lol).

    1. I've seen that before!!! I don't know if I'm handy enough for all that, nor do I have the tools. But it's sure gorg!!!!

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