Monday, June 8, 2015

say what glider?

Umm, having never had a child and with one currently growing in my belly I recently discovered something that I was completely unaware. How has no one... anyone warn you....The price of a glider/rocking chair ottoman. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!! Holy Sticker shock!!!

Maybe I am naive, but I was all whoa! This isn't for my living room, just the babies and will most likely end up with some form of bodily fluid sooner than later ;) Prices range from a few hundred to upwards of a monthly rent payment. And of course the ones I adore - higher back, more modern lines, solid color are in that later camp.

Any advice? Where did you find yours? I know I will spend many a night here early on, I just can't fathom spending that much!

I did see some that look nice on discount websites but there aren't many reviews and how can you really tell colors (see the one in my last post)! Help a girl out!! Spill how you or a friend found theirs!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

let's go shopping!! 6.4.2015

There has been a lot more window shopping, than 'real' shopping around these parts as of late! And lots of pinning/bookmarking for the little baby! But all the above have caught my eye and I'd love them to come live with me! 

I adore my black bucket bag, and a tan for summer would be perfect! To commemorate the birth of our babe I'd love a piece of everyday jewelry to wear in celebration. The numerical rings are top of that list! 

Have you found anything great nowadays?? 

Shop my picks below!