Thursday, May 28, 2015

oh baby, BABY!

Throughout the first trimester, I started journaling to remember how I felt and what was going on. In the past week, I've debated if I wanted to post. But I do. I want to look back one day and remember what every little minute felt like. What I was thinking, what we were doing etc. I don't think my blog will turn into all things baby, but I can't guarantee it. Blog has always been about what is interesting and consuming me. And right now, its bambino or most affectionately known 'round these parts as Monkey!

So now that that is out of the way lets see where we've been! [I'm currently in the second trimester at 17 weeks] And I say we, because the Hubs is truly in this. He might be more educated on the in's out's and technical details than me, he does all this research to understand more. Then most times tells me even more details. I picked a good one! :)

I was writing these out as they were happening, so the tense is all wrong. I'm not rewritting it. Just deal :P k, thanks!

This was taken 15wk-0days (so so bloated....thank you little monkey!)

Weeks 4-6:
Until the doctor definitely told us 'oh yes' I was excited, unsure nervous. I mean home pregnancy tests could be wrong. And call it first time jitters, I wanted to know from a real official doctors office, fancy machine test. Boobs. Heavy big boobs. I think within the span of about 3 weeks my ever shrinking chest tripled in size. Yes, huge (for me!) boobs, right there! This is the stuff, the real stuff. Many days they were so sore I couldn't even bare to think about them for fear they'd hurt more. Definitely a no hands zone for the mister ;) Zero morning sickness.

Once the doctor gave us an 'official', it's wasn't secret for very long, I just blurted it out to my Mom. To my best friend. I had the best intentions of marking the occasion to each Mom/Bestie a little more memorable. The cards just crumbled a bit different. I had to tell them. right. that. moment. :) Which I'm sure now neither would have changed, the tears still flowed. AS did all the other happy emotions and cheers!

Weeks 7-8:
Tired. Oh exhaustion. Like give me a 2pm nap everyday or I'll sleep standing up tired. I gave up drinking coffee, expect for one day a week and the occasional chai. You can drink coffee, but I'm choosing not to. To each their own, this was just one thing I wanted to do. And for me its been good. I used to drink coffee outta habit, daily. And when I'm exhausted drink way too much. I like knowing I can make it through the day on my own and don't need caffeine.

Avert your eyes if you have a weak tummy. Constipation. Yep I just wrote that and told the world. Without going into details, I've never been really good at that 'thing'. And as the books and doctor say, your body is using up more nutrients in food and your bowels get lazy/pushed around from the growing bean. For a while it was real bad. Doctor offered a few over the counter options, but I wanted to try something more natural. To keep things moving I've found the a perfect combo (again this is working for me!) - One bran muffin and 24oz of H2O in the AM. A decaf coffee, with a splash of milk & sugar. Along with my prenatal. Tons of water, my daily goal is 80oz plus. And in the afternoon, a handful of dried apricots. After a few days miracles I tell ya miracles! [If you want a great muffin, Trader Joes sells a Apple cranberry bran muffin, one tiny muffin is 51% of your daily fiber. I won't lie, the first two days were rough, it felt like I was chewing cardboard. But with the water, refrigeration and time they aren't bad at all. Promise!]

I miss wine. Had an amazing dinner out with my Bestie and I desperately wanted a few sips of yummy red wine with our dinner. Oh well, it's for a good cause ;)

I lost my ability to sleep through the night. I'm the girl who slept through fire alarms in college, and earthquakes as a kid. I've been waking up daily between 2-3:30am to pee. Then lay there wide awake. I try to just toss and turn until I fall back asleep, and resist the phone. But my best friend and her Hubs really enjoy those 3:30 am texts - so.... haha! Oh yea, I pee all the time now. Some of it's due to the increased water, but it's never a full bladder like before. New pressure on that very precious organ! Oh yea, I almost pee'd myself teaching one day. I can tell you I'm a lot more careful doing jumping jacks (ie keiglesssss)!

Week 9: 
Fell off my Bran/Water train, and suffered. Won't let that happen again. No I will not, I felt like crying. And yes I do cry - when overly exhausted, silly commercials, when the Hubs is too cute, or scolds me for doing something I shouldn't like stand on stools changing light bulbs. Boobs no longer hurt, although when I workout and teach barre I just see giant knockers in the mirror. They feel so foreign. I can only wear about 3 of my bra's and a few bralettes. Waiting longer to purchase anything because the interwebs tell me it will change just as soon as I do!

My Mama came to visit, it was delightful. And overwhelming. We did some baby recon work, ie looking at strollers, car seats, accessories, clothes, things and baubles. Yikes! Although, as type A as we are, we narrowed down alot. And that felt good. We also do what we do best and shopped the winter sales hard. Since we know the expected due date, we know the bambino will be around come snowy 2015/16 winter. Gahhh baby fleece pants, and snowsuits! If my ovaries could twinge I'm sure they did!

Just say no to cooking chicken. This is my first food aversion so far, if that's what you would call it. Zero desire to eat any form of grilled chicken nor cook it in any form. I'll eat it if someone else prepares it for me, and I'd prefer if it had some sort of coating. Parmesan breaded chicken has been on repeat. Veggies don't sound great, but I'm eating them. Bland or savory food is what temps me the most. Mashed potatoes, tomato soup. Steak.  Although coconut curry sounded great one night, so the Hubs toughed out direction by direction vocal cooking like a champ. And it was delish! I still eat everything, haven't made many changes to our diet, just may not taste or satisfy the way it used to.

Week 10: 
Feeling great, working out and teaching a ton. Bump Watch: Negative. Just feel some days like things are rounding out or chubby and others like nothing. The ever so slight ab definition, that I was so proud off along the sides (you know that slight 4inch stripe of some semblance of abs some women get down the middle, it's what I called my six pack!) is gone, but my core still feels solid. I did feel defeated one day last week when I was really bloated (read sentence 1 on week 9), and broke down. After a sweet pep talks/reality checks with my Hubs, Bestie and Mama, I no longer have those emotions or feelings. Plus I always knew what was going on was to prepare for the coming months.

Same feelings about food, homey savory food sounds best. No desire for my daily something sweet before bed still. We did get some starburst Easter jelly beans. They were good but nothing like they would have been a few months ago.

Week 11-14:
I told my employer and the Barre studio I teach at that I'm expecting. It felt so good and weird all at the same time! It was oddly kind of nice to have this weird little secret but just as great to share the news with people who support me so strongly.  We also announced our pregnancy publicly (you know, on the interwebs/social media! It's 2014 after all!) So much love and out pouring from friends and family near and far. It definitely elevated the already high levels of excitement to new heights!

Had my first fight with a pretty nasty cold, without cold meds. No fun. But hey, I know I will survive and the Hubs has been amazing in playing doctor!Seriously though, dealing with a bad cold without any relief has been the worst! Felt like a total drama queen a few days, but sinus pressure, runny nose, and plugged ears are very miserable. [This cold ended up lasting 3 weeks, into week 13!] Once it was gone, man I felt great!

Excited to keep this going and see how I am feeling, tracking and what is going on! Hope you don't mind! :P


  1. Wishing you the best now and FOREVER !!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how you style your "bump". Hope to see more and more posts from you.

  3. aw this is so fun! im so happy for you and i hope you are feeling great and enjoying your pregnancy. i say invest in some bigger bras so you're comfortable. mine never went down during pregnancy and now that im breastfeeding they are still huge (for me). are you finding out the gender of the babe?? xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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