Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Swimsuits - 2015

One day summer will be here. Or so I'm surely hoping!!! (Side note, how are all these Chicago bloggers wearing short dresses and spring-y clothes?! it's been mid 40-50's....brr! I'm a chicken!)

Back to summer, I'm so excited for the heat! Days at the lake, the pool and our summer vacation to the Caribbean! Which have got me thinking about a new summer swim suit! I do this every year, do i need one maybe not, but you can surely believe I am getting one!!! And with the future bump situation, I'm not sure all of last year's extra skimpy bikini's will work ;) More than just a bump grows with a baby, if you catch my drift!! LOL

And for the first time ever, I'm actually craving a one piece!! Here are the ones on my list!

One Pieces: 1 - Red Wrap // 2 - Black Wrap // 3 - Mulit Color Cut-Outs
Two Pieces: 4 - Muli Color // 5 - Nude Tube // 6 - Black and White Stripes

 Not sure any tube version, unless there are strapes available will work with the new girls ;) but I adore this one!! Have you purchased a new suit for summer yet?? 

Shop my summer favorites here! 


  1. The striped suit is really cute and those straps might be more comfortable for the "girls".

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  3. Cute and awesome swimwear. Perfect for pool and beachwear.

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