Monday, April 6, 2015

Save or Splurge??? 4.6 Edition

Isn't that always the question?! Do you save up and splurge? Or buy something similar for much less? I'm more of a buy less (and maybe spend more) and love it wayyy more/wear it all the time. Fast fashion is just that for me. I buy wear and it looses it's luster.

But sometimes I fall in love with something I just really do not want to spend that much on. Recently I found a few items that had a very reasonably priced similar item, from Forever 21. A store which, I feel, if you can spend some time digging you can really find some items that look a lot more luxe than their price tag.

So would you splurge or save on these???

I think I'd save on all. And I really want them all :)

[I'd crop the F21 Kimono jacket to make it a bit more like the original. I honestly like the Save sandals more, that cross is more flattering on my leg/ankle (and it comes in black white and tan!!) The sweater, umm I'm sure they feel different but looks, dead on to me!]

Shop all the items: 


  1. Loving all of these. Thank's for the suggestions.

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