Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lou & Grey

Have you heard of Lou & Grey? It's a sister store to the LOFT brand. They just opened up a new shop in Chicago, along the Southport corridor. Last week I dragged the Hubs stopped by for a little after dinner shopping and wow! I'd heard of the brand a bit around the internet and seen their clothes online many times. But never tried any on, nor knew how amazing their stores and brand truly were! They've got a forever customer in me!

The Lou & Grey store reminds of the most perfect boutique, in a tiny beach town. Calm, cool, and relaxed. Unlike many big brand stores the shopping experience felt intimate and special from the moment you walked in. Single size runs of items were carefully displayed [one of my favorite parts of boutique shopping!!!! Meaning on xs, s, m, l were on the table or rack.]  And mixed throughout were carefully curated goodies - hand-poured candles, artisan jewelry, lotions etc. All from small businesses through the US. As well, as a mix of thoughtfully chosen coffee table books and small succulents. Add in the sweetest staff, it was a perfect night to explore this new jem in the neighborhood.

The Hubs, who was along for the ride, asked if we could get the same copper pendants they had at home, and if our fiddle leaf tree would ever be that amazing (See shop photos below). And if my guy is noticing these types of items, then you know it had to be good! He's more of 'as long as it's comfy i don't care what it looks like decorator!' ;)  

I scooped up a bunch of items while we were there, I couldn't help myself. These relaxed style overalls were one of the items! They are made of some super soft material, and I love the addition of a drawstring. So different than any other pairs I've tried. I wore them loose for an afternoon of errands and over indulging on tacos! (It was like wearing jammies all day while still feeling pulled together, no complaints here!) 

Everything was so soft and exactly what this California girl loves to wear. Comfort, fashionable yet relaxed. I talked myself out of a few items - a dress, a tee and some shorts....but have already ordered them all online! Bc I need them! 

[Don't you love how my best accessory, the dog, isn't in any of the shots....he was having 
no part of hanging out while mama took pictures ....he was a tiny blur along the bottom of 97%!]

Lou & Grey Overalls c/o // old Club Monaco Sweater 
Forever 21 Necklace // Target slides 

 Here are a few of my favorites and all the items I got (overalls, maxi, tank, romper, chambray shorts, denim dress)!

The store....oh the store! When can I move in?!?!?!!!! No seriously???? 

A big thank you to Lou & Grey for sponsoring this post! All opinions are always 100% my own.


  1. I will be placing my first order today. Love the review as that looks like the kind of store I love to frequent.

    1. It is seriously amazing!!! And I think the online store is still running 40% OFF today, so do it!!!! :)

  2. ahhi love their stuff! i hope they open up a store in charleston soon. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. That would be awesome, it's by fair one of the cutest boutiques I've been into in a while! I foresee plenty of damage in the coming months!


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