Thursday, March 19, 2015

spring shopping

Spring in Chicago is about as fast as an eye blink. No really. We will have some gorgeous days mid 50-60, then a week back to the 30s, hello today, and then bam, 70+. So investing in a big spring wardrobe never seems to be worth it for me. 

Plus add I'm always cold, I still need layers. But doesn't mean I don't want to add a few things to my closet. Mostly basics, that I'll layer with more wintry items and then pair down easily in summer. And sorry for endless posts of this tank, water bottle, and overalls....and the bikini would be on there again too but with no beach vacations planned I'm holding that in the wish pile still. 

A blue top with a beautiful back // will be amaze in summer with cutoff white shorts!
Moto joggers // I.E. sweats ok to wear in public! Hells ya to athleisure! I want to wear these with a leather coat and sneakers, then with tanks and sandals in the summer)
A sweater midi dress // Bc I can NOT handle putting on tights any more. the. worst!
Overalls // I might be 12, and I'm ok with it!
A beautiful tank // With some fun detailing and currently On SALE!
New water bottle //  bc hydration is sexy ladies! 

Shop these items (and similar items at various price points) and the two other items on my iPhone note pad aptly titled 'Only buy this shit, no impulse buys!: 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Let's Go Shopping 3.13.15

I think the corner on Winter weather has been turned. The clocks already turned back, there is daylight far into the evening hours (praise tacos!) and I'm ready to add a few items to spruce up my summer wardrobe. Yea, I just jumped right past spring, cuz this girl is ready for the heat! Here are a few items currently on my wish list, some I could wear now and some I might need a beach. But hey it's never too early to start planning these things! And yes mostly black...I'm turning into my mother!!! :) 

Time to book that tropical summer vacation! And stat! 

Are you headed anywhere warm in the coming months? Or this summer? We are thinking tropical, Caribbean, perhaps. 

Shop all these items and a few more: 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Over it All

So how do we feel about overall's? Is it overall's or overalls? I guess that isn't really the point. But seriously what do you guys think? 

Last summer when they really started to pick up some sartorial power I was all 'ewww no way' stupid dumb. But now I'm singing the damn I shoulda got on this train sooner tune! I really want a pair, like really! 

I was even explaining how they could be so cool to my Hubs, and I kid you not, without a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He wholeheartedly agreed that they could be pretty cool and encouraged me to purchase a pair. And when I showed him the last photo above, of Dakota - He was like oh yea! So I mean.....right?! 

And gosh dang it. I. Just. Might. These two are my favorites. 

But I also have all these pinned as favorites as well! Do you have any? Do you recommend them? I want the perfect combination of skinny without being fitted, but not total baggy, dumpy. Ya know?! 

Can I pull them off?!