Thursday, February 26, 2015

well then, I guess that is how it goes!

Isn't it March in like a lion out like a lamb? Or something like that???

Well that was February, for me!!! Uggh what.a.month! Started with a big ol' blizzard Superbowl Sunday. [Which, doesn't that sound like it was months ago now? I can barely recall the yawnfest of halftime] 20 inches of snow in 24 hours, driving a car was real fun! So was shoveling.....we did tonnnnnnnns and tons of that. So much snow! Pretty for a very short while. I was smart enough to try to drive two days after was fine til my car hit deep patch of snow in our back alley. Being it was 4:45am (going to teach barre!), I was alone, and my Husband was sick in bed, I tried to 'un-stick' it on my own. Not a smart move. Commence laying on back for 5 days straight with what I can only describe as the most intense muscle pull ever.

Pheew, I'm better. Not. The terrible head and chest cold that plagued my Husband while I was hurt had now lodged itself firmly within my nose and chest. It hit me for almost a week and half straight without letting up. Yea, I don't ever take time off work....thanks February for using up so much PTO.

Between staring at the ceiling willing my back better, and sleeping through cold-medicine induced slumber the month is practically over. I only came back to the semi living mid week last week. :( I was so ready to be blogging every day and taking outfit pictures! I kid you not, I think besides workout gear, I've made it out of PJ's 4 times! [Note: I work from home, so pjs are often work wear when it's -18 outside! Nothing is warmer than sweats and my fuzzy socks].

Oh well, right. That's life! I feel great, physically and health wise. I'm back and ready to conquer each day. See ya soon interwebs!

Photos - All from Pinterest.
1 & 2 - gathering inspiration for warmer days and wearing my leather coat (big Paris purchase!) 
3 - Still can't decide if i can make a really loud colorful rug work in our kitchen. Everything is pretty neutral, but I pin images of these everyday so over course I want to try. But I'm afraid of the biggest no, once I get one home! LOL 


  1. Stay healthy. We've missed you.

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