Tuesday, January 27, 2015

...so there's that!

Busy...yadda, yadda, yadda.

I'm not going to try to blame the lack of posting on anything or any one. Life happens, it is what it is. But truth be told I missed it. When there was steam in my tank, I missed this place. 17th time's a charm, going to be back more than not. Or at least try!

Side note, are you following on Pinterest? That's one place I never stray from! Over there daily!

1 -Post More
2- Share some home decor that I mentioned agessss ago and finished. And love.
3- Figure out how to finish up the master bedroom. I think I know, but I don't know know. Ya know?!
4- Post an outfit or two. Gotta find time to take pics, damn winter and the lack of daylight.
5- keep having fun shopping my brain out!

If there is anyone out there, enjoy! And Hi Mom!!! :)

xoxox Friends, see ya tomorrow!

And a fun pic just because I like it (and i want a disco ball!)


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