Thursday, January 29, 2015

Luxe Water

Maybe if I get the most girliest, hot pink water bottle the Hubs will stop stealing mine! :) To be honest, he only stole one, and the other reusable bottle I lost. But the other night I was thinking about how many of those little plastic water bottles I'm drinking/trashing a week. Gross. I do recycle them, but still. We have a filtered water system in our fridge, I can easily bring agua from home to the gym. 

I've heard great things about the BKR bottles. Do you have one? Or do you have a better rec? I like the glass vs plastic and the amount of color options out there! Do I get girlie or basic? I want one of each size too! 

Shop my favorites here: 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Painting...The Master Bedroom

Note. Not my room.

Note. I wish it was. wait, scratch that something like it will be soon (I hope!)!

Since July, when we moved, very slowly our new place has taken shape. We love this condo!!! Gone are the days of my insatiable desire to rush into decorating. Inevitably those purchases & impulsive items grow old and I no longer love them the way I should. I don't have the funds, as I suspect most, to constantly redecorate (nor the energy!)

Our living, dinning, kitchen area is well on the way. Perhaps a few more small items would tie it up even more, alas I'm happy where it's at. But lets be honest, I don't know exactly what I want so it's better to hold off! It's a different story for our bedroom.

See photo below, the master bedroom the day we moved in. As in, all I had located were our sheets at this point :)

That paint and terrrrrrrrible blue silk curtains are still standing. Yuck. Is that paint tan? Is it yellow? Is it a real color? No, maybe, and who the heck knows.

Which folks, is why some loving and attention needs to occur in our room. The Hubs and I both vehemently agree without a doubt it's terrible. But here is the dilemma, what do we do. We like grey's but the whole rest of the house is grey's. Hello branch out a bit! Hey, I'm trying. We want a place that feels cozy, yet bright and something we won;t grow tired of quickly. Pinterest to the rescue!

We landed on the following colors: Navy, tan, white, and then a punchy accent color. The wife is thinking hot pink in summer, and moody burgundy in winter (thank you pillow covers). The Hubs hates pillows, so I win that round. Now how do you decide what colors to paint. A new tan wall was the easy obvious choice. Thank goodness (with 18 swatches on the wall) the Hubs said why again are we painting a tan over a tan? Damn hun you are right! Well it is a terrible tan so that's one. But really why tan?

Hubs encouraged me to think of something else, and guys my newest idea was loved! Now to find time to paint! Coming soon will be: a darkkkkkk navy wall behind the headboard, and bright white walls the rest of the way around. We have a large window (beside the bed) that gets only (bright) morning light, which also over looks our deck/common back stairs, so an entire room in navy wasn't really going to work. I don't do caves real well (claustrphobia). ;)

But look, it can be done and can still be bright, yet moody. Just what I wanted!!!! And I think a single wall will make just the right amount of impact! I can't wait!!! Pinned a million versions jsut to reassure myself, be sure to check them out on my 'Home' board.

And the hardest decision since deciding what colors, was actually choosing a navy paint color. The one I have picked is currently Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. (Yes that means I'm open to changing, but that swatch looks the best! Slight grey (vs purple) undertones in some light, really dark. The twp photos below are hale navy!) I've heard the Aura lines is the best! Low VOC and perfect coverage. 

Version 2 (from this great blog!):

What do you think? Any helpful tips on painting a wall that dark?

Here are a few of the other items I love and or might have already purchased to pull this update together!!! [Bedframe is staying, open to new beside tables, def still need new lighting]

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 there's that!

Busy...yadda, yadda, yadda.

I'm not going to try to blame the lack of posting on anything or any one. Life happens, it is what it is. But truth be told I missed it. When there was steam in my tank, I missed this place. 17th time's a charm, going to be back more than not. Or at least try!

Side note, are you following on Pinterest? That's one place I never stray from! Over there daily!

1 -Post More
2- Share some home decor that I mentioned agessss ago and finished. And love.
3- Figure out how to finish up the master bedroom. I think I know, but I don't know know. Ya know?!
4- Post an outfit or two. Gotta find time to take pics, damn winter and the lack of daylight.
5- keep having fun shopping my brain out!

If there is anyone out there, enjoy! And Hi Mom!!! :)

xoxox Friends, see ya tomorrow!

And a fun pic just because I like it (and i want a disco ball!)