Thursday, October 30, 2014

things I learned from French women....Lipstick

things I learned from French women......

Let your natural beauty shine through (ie no visible make-up), and add a killer lip - preferably red.

So while I was there I did just that, and every night out since we've been home. Wouldn't you know lipstick isn't scary and it makes me feel like I rule the world.

Here are my current favs! Both are from the NARS Audacious line Rita (left) and Olivia (right). So easy to use - so don't be intimidated! I have a running list in my phone of what I want to purchase next too! Heat Wave by Nars, Nude Vanille by Tom Ford and a few others. What are your go to shades???

[Full vacation recaps coming, had to order a new camera cord.....not sure who ate ours!oy!]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Soooo many cute dresses on sale at Madewell right now! And they are an additional 30% off!!!! I feel like it's gonna be a bootie, tights, dress fall & winter for me - Time to stock up!!!!

Here are a few of my favorites on sale right now!

And because all the sale is on sale - just enter 'HaveItAll', here are some others that are perfect for the coming colder months!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

thursday treats 10.2

I bought these, I had too. Do yourself a favor go buy them!!!! If you are in the market for some really cute and comfortable flats, get these!!! They are soo flattering! And perfect for Fall!