Monday, September 29, 2014

Crushing on.... Simplicity & Greys

It's hard to deny that Fall temps are on the way (Let's all pause and grieve the end of summer sun & warmth). Harummmph.

I'm passing up on patterns and opting for classic lines, and all forms of grey this fall. From the palest greys/white to the darkest/black. Chunky D'orsay Heels, Simple bags, classic studs, hints of lace & fun flat boots & sneaks!

Have you purchased anything yet for Fall?

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Friday, September 26, 2014

new digs: Bathroom Update

As some of you know, probably most of you (if we are friends on da' insta) we moved at the start of summer. To say we are in love with our new home would be an understatement, it's very much 'us'!

After getting the keys we had our entire place painted, well, all the common areas. Leaving the bathrooms, and bedrooms as is. They were all neutral-ish colors so nothing like OMG katsup and mustard on the walls (like the living room!) and worked for us.

Now after settling in, I've finally gotten the urge to keep making it ours! We added Bessie about a week ago and now my sights are set on the hall/guest bath. Dark walls, covered floor to ceiling with art. Modern, old, photos, oil paintings. personal moments, vintage family portraits.

Now I know I don't want black walls, it's a small bathroom without any natural light. But I want them dark enough to make the art the focus! But I need to make sure the tile doesn't look crazy bc it is tan in color as is the granite (and those aren't changing).....Here goes nothing!!! Off to the paint store I go :)

Oh and here is our hall bath as it was BM (Before Mikell's, LOL) [The color is a sage-ish green, kinda tany. It's floor to ceiling & it screams Mom/suburbia!]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

2 eggs and Paris

Wow, where in the world did a month go?!?!?!!!!

If you really want to know I can summarize it into 3 quick statements. (1) Impulsively book trip to Europe. (2) Work your a$$ off (teach lots-o-Barre and endless overtime) to increase your shopping money (3) Obsess that you won't have the right outfits to wear in Paris!!!!!!!!!

So yea, that's been consuming my brain for the last month! PARIS (and Amsterdam). This will be my first time to Paris, although 6th time to Europe, never made this stop until this coming trip! And first time to both with my love!!! We are soo excited!  If you know me, you know my type-A is in overdrive, reading researching finding the best places to eat, shop, people watch, explore, stay, eat, shop, fall in love, oh did I say eat yet? or shop? ;)

Have you been to Paris or Amsterdam? Where should I go? Eat? Do? Anything and everything! Please share!!! 

[Oh this picture has nothing to do with Paris....except it's #PFW (Paris Fashion Week) and I saw that Kimye arrived in town...Oh and I like and need to buy it for something funky that's going on in the guest bath!!!Will share soon!]

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