Wednesday, March 19, 2014

time away

I never intended to take time away from the blog. Apologies. Life. 

If you follow along on social media (facebook or Instagram) you'd know life kept going,slowly. However, even on there, I ebbed and flowed between active posting. In the past month or so life got really busy, and for a while, life got really hard. My blog has always been a place for creative & expressive release for me & not somewhere I want to air my dirty laundry. So, I just stayed away. 

All I can say is, between the pressures of work I think I had a bout of seasonal depression. I was constantly cold (literally, no amount of layers were ever enough! Damn Polar Vortexes) and mentally very melancholy. My days consisted of work, intense workouts (which would break the 'mental' fog), cooking and then rinse & repeat. The 'fog' of winter was real folks. I know it had more to do with internal pressures I was putting on myself at work than anything else, but it was something I couldn't break.

Finally after a few great laughs (&bottles of wine) with some girlfriends and a serious tete-a-tete with the Hubs I started to emerge. And then a couldn't-have-been-more-perfectly-timed vacation - I am free! 

I wake up and the day doesn't seem nearly as daunting. And I'm ready to knock it out every chance I can get! So, get ready..... I'm ready to spew my nonsense on the internet! ;) 

Thank you for the constant support friends!!!

And I need to say 'Hi Mom! and Aunts!!' (They all were requesting more blog posts over these past weeks! HA!) 


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