Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY: Embellished Beanie

Happy New Year friends!!!! Time to start anew, start fresh and time to tackle another year!

Taylor and hats don't always get along, it's the curly hair (most days) but this snow! THIS SNOW! 50 hours of straight snow..... at my house we have at least 12 inches of new fluffy snow! So while I've been 'snowed' in...I got inspired to embrace the beanie! I thought go big and splashy or go home! Recalling the sweetest embellished beanie at Club Monaco a few weeks ago, and I gave a go at my own version. So enter a cold snowy day (or just about an hour of relaxation and crafty good times!) & you have a very easy and fun DIY!

You will need a beanie, I chose plain gray and muted plaid. Sequins, beads, needle & thread. A good TV show, a little time and some inspiration! 

I started by mapping out the 'distance' across my forehead I wanted the embellishment to be. I used 2 straight pins to mark the distance for a guide.

Then I flipped the beanie inside out. Since mine had a fold up at the front, this will make it easier to sew the beads and get a flat surface to layout your design. Now start laying out your sparkle. Do you want starburst? or more linear? Lay them out and have some fun!  Once you find the sparkle you like, start sewing or glueing depending on the type you have.

I started with the larger sequins and then started sewing at random with various smaller sizes and shapes.

Et voila!!!! I love it, I've been wearing it mith my PJ's for two days.....a better picture once I dig out!

Here are a bunch of other embellished cuties if sewing isn't up your alley! But I say try!


  1. youre so crafty! it looks great xo

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