Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Combat the Cold!

You guys it's been just miserably cold up here. Womp, womp. We are talking windchill temperatures of -40F, MINUS FORTY! This is the first time my poor southern California raised bones have ever experienced anything like this! Ultimately it is what it is, complaining can't change to the outside temperatures, however you need to be safe if you venture out! Layer, on layer, on layer - yesterday I wore tights under my pants, 3 pairs of socks and just as many tops & then a thick sweater! :) Just can't not do it... frostbite is real!

I know not everyone lives where the temps are this extreme, but it needs to be known the gorgeous street-style photos, blogger outfit posts of "this is what I wear wear in the winter" aren't real or realistic (like above, which I love & would wear in a heartbeat!). I'm sorry but (even in mid 30 temps) you don't walk around with your coat draped over your shoulders, wide open, gloveless or shoes/booties without socks! You might in the lower half of the country but not up north! You can't! It's a a smoke and mirrors situation - I get it, you can see the sweater or cute tops underneath, but they are staged. If you are in my camp, you might even say goodbye to caring what goes with what, because warmth is key! I just hope you all know that, and if you didn't realize I apologize for bursting your bubble. But don't worry getting dressed for winter isn't the worst thing in the world. I actually enjoy it!

Bundled up can still be hot! Evidence:

*Now, we can't see her bottom half, and that looks like chiffon, but for demonstration sake, we'll pretend she is wearing fleeced lined leggings under there and boots and thick socks! :) 

The best advice I can give is stock up on basics {Hat/beanie, gloves/mittens, scarfs, and of course outerwear} so you have options! Options make it fun! And as this stunner above shows us, not everything needs to match. And some great hair and a bold lip, no one will be the wiser! That's the motto I've been rocking for the last 3 weeks! Yes, me in lipstick! :P 

How have you been combating the cold? What are your tricks? 

Here are a few layered combos, with items I love, to inspire you! 


  1. Yes yes yes! I'm so over the "it's so cold but here I am with my fab thin jacket just hanging open" fashion posts. This morning I looked like a glorified marshmallow but I was WARM. Also currently wearing two pairs of pants. Go big or go home.

    1. HAHA! The ugly puffer coat has been out in full force for me to, and I don't care who knows it! Warmth is key - I'd like to keep all limbs frost-bite free :)

  2. Girl I am so glad you posted this Ms. Taylor! I know when Ive been my doing daily reads on some of these DC blogs (i live and work in DC) and see some of these women in skirts with no damn tights and its 7 degrees outside, i am like that is just not realistic. I wish my more bloggers would be a bit more real and create outfits that are reflective of these arctic temps instead of putting on a show and promoting frostbite! Thank you for a real blog entry. I was happy to read it. Hope you and your family are safe and warm!

  3. Yes, thank you for discussing this! I'm in Michigan and I have so many layers on just to drive to work because the car doesn't heat up by the time I get to work. Wearing heals with a foot feet of snow on the ground is not cute especially if you could lose a toe due to frost bite!

  4. ugh im so over the winter weather. i have my big ugly puffer on! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I tried on that first coat the other day, it's fab. Luckily I'm on the other side of the pond, it's not cold, just rain soaked as usual.


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