Thursday, December 12, 2013

it's just freeeeeezing!

you guys, it is just freeeeeeeezing up here right now! The forecast for today is -25 windchill. Yes.MINUS.25! Obvi that this Californai girl took a wrong turn somewhere, haha! I might not leave the house today, if I can help it!

With these temperatures, looking like the pretties above isn't umm.... how do I say this..... You don't look like this when you are trying to fight frost bite, you just don't! Your jacket is zipped up! Your scarf is wrapped up so high your eyes barely peek out and your hair never looks that cute! I have been a good Chicago girl and now have a fully stocked drawer of cold weather accessories, scarves and gloves and hats and more gloves...I might wear them all tomorrow!

Here are a few of my favorites and ones I'd love to have to help try to stay cute while freezing my ass off! LAYERS are key! Good waterproof boots, and thick socks of course! It's always in the name of looking cute right?! Well today I might be the ugly warm one if I decide to head out! ;)


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