Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Party

This past Saturday we hosted a little Holiday Party with all our friends! It was an absolute blast, so much so, not.one.single.picture.was.taken! Not one, well one if you count the picture I took of the little bar area while the Hubs was cracking open a bottle of wine for me! One stinking picture!

Oh well, I guess it goes to show when you are surrounded by love and friendship you stay active in the moment! No phones out, everyone laughing, drinking and meeting new people! I love to see our different little groups of friends get along so well with the others!

I had every intention of being ready super early, busting out the camera & taking outfit photos and lots of little shots from around the house, esp the food! I love hosting so planning the food out was so much fun! I wanted to have something warm, it is winter up here & it snowed all day! Some dips, requests of the Hubs! Lots of cheese, for me, but come'on who doesn't love cheese! Even though I don't have pictures I still thought - why not share?! Maybe it will help someone out with their next party!

So here is what we had:

  • Mini Meatball Sub Bar - In my crock-pot, I had mini sized meatballs all warm and toasty in some yummy red sauce. I had a basket of pre-sliced rolls, and a block of parm & grater ready for action! I personally had I think 2, but kept coming back for more meatballs! 
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip - I used a new recipe and I love it (I have one memorized & its awesome but it's almost as though I've had it too much, that I'm over it!)!!! Served hot from the oven with plain tortilla chips and sliced french bread for dunking 
  • Cheese Platter - Herbed Goat, Port Sault, Stilton with Apricot, Manchego, and a Port soaked Tuscano. With Olives, dry roasted almonds, fig jam, sliced salami, crackers and sliced french bread. I think a few ladies and I hovered around this for a solid 15 minutes with our glasses of wine! I mean wouldn't you?! 
  • Then the extra's - I have no shame in my 'extra appetizers!' I love the puff pastry with caramelized onion & feta from trader joes....so there was a big 'ol platter of those too! And some cookies from my neighbor & a bowl of truffles to quench the sweet tooth! 
Man I'm hungry right now, just thinking about all this!!!! PS - I wish you all could have come, more the merrier in my book!


  1. yummm it all sounds so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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