Friday, December 6, 2013

happy fri-eekend!

Ahh what a fast and busy week! I can not believe it is Friday already! It's going to be a cold one up here, time to bundle up good, there will be no escaping it! I need to dig out the beanies and gloves. My shove your hands in your pockets wont work with 20 degree temps (for the high!) 

But I don't plan on being out too much, maybe gym and dinner Sat. Then just teach Barre on Sunday ! :P The rest indoors and toasty! Time to finish decking the halls, and tree and lots of laundry....I just keep doing and not folding. My leaning tower of laundry can't not be anymore! 

What are on your agenda's for the weekend?

*I love this look, no other reason for the pic, and it's not moi - via


  1. Eep girl stay warm!! Don't freeze!!

  2. Have a great weekend! I want to come take a barre class :)


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