Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vacation Recap: Zurich

On our way to Thailand we had layover in Zurich. A nice 12 hour layover. Initially when we booked our flights I wasn't thrilled. What in the world would we do sitting at the airport for 12 hours?! Uggh. But since we were traveling so far, it ended up beyond perfect!!! We went and explored another city for a day! Stretched our legs!!!! Ate at a cafe and had the best time!

Zurich was so beautiful! Although we were there on the hottest day ever, it was over 90 degrees!

We bought the all day all rides pass to explore around! Took the train from the airport to the downtown area. Then we took the water taxi and just rode it all around the lake stops! Gorgous but that little water taxi was hot! After that we all wanted to dive into the lake, we cursed ourselves for not having a change of clothes because we would have!

I would 100% recommend adding an extended layover to any and every trip abroad if you can! It was 100% worth it! We were able to walk around before another extended flight (total plus), burn off some energy so we could sleep (again, major plus!) and we were able to include a mini-pit-stop free of charge into an already incredible trip!!! You can sure bet we will be doing this again! {Most large international airports have luggage storage (at a minimal fee) and even mini hotel-esque day-use rooms. So, you can shower and freshen up before you take off again!}


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