Thursday, October 10, 2013

thursday treats

Be still my beating heart............... I'm in love! I thought I had landed on my fall/winter purchase of a staple flat black bootie {the bottom pair}. Well folks we are at a cross roads! I'm in love with these Rag & Bone Driscoll Wrap booties. In.Love. .....well except for the price! :( I wasn't planning on spending that much on new booties. But now I'm debating holding out a few more months, saving loooots more and pouncing on a full-site sale (if I could find one!)  But what if they run out of my size?!?! ....can someone lend me $300?!

Help me find more flat black booties to love! Send your suggestions! Or should I just go with these???


  1. Madewell has these which are similiar on sale for 30% off right now:

    1. I might have already bought those today....... :) Those were my number 1 before i found these ones. We shall see!

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