Monday, October 14, 2013



{Upper Left, clockwise} Every chance or weather forecast above 68 means this lady is wearing exposed limbs!! Tanks, skirts, dresses you name it I'm doing it! I know that those days are in short supply up here. Boo. // After a long day, there is absolutely nothing better than snuggles (in sweats) from the ones you love! And a note of advice, make you you are comfy first cuz it's mighty hard to move without waking sleeping boys up!  // Went to the burbs to check out a new outlet, Barney's Warehouse!$!!! (I didn't find anything, well except for the on-sale Phillip Lim dress for $800 and that wasn't in the cards!) We were starving by the time we left and the rest is...burp... history! // Silk.Pants.Enough.Said. I've had these pants for about a month now, and I'd been dying to wear them to the office {Let's be twins, get yours!}. Not exactly the most corporate of outfits, however my schedule had me planted behind my desk for 98% of my day in meetings so no one was none the wiser, and I felt like I was in PJs!

What have you been up to lately???


  1. Where are your silk pants from? I'm trying to find a basic pair that can be worn to work!

    1. I've updated the posting to link to the ones I'm wearing!! :) I love them, and they don't break the bank (gotta love it!)

  2. Love you and your silk pants. We might just have to be twinsies :)

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