Monday, September 23, 2013


Spent the weekend unplugged and connected. Connected to life. Laughed, and spent our entire Saturday out doors enjoying our city. Took a 20 mile bike ride all over town. Coffee, enjoyed side by side at an outdoor patio. Lots of discussion about who we want to be as people - kind, gentle, open minded - after watching rude, manner-less and closed individuals interact around town. The kind of days that make your heart full.

'Cosby Classic' A banana pudding influenced and flavored latte's - from Wormhole - yumm! 

Kicked Sunday's butt at Barre and taught 2 classes {Chicago ladies, Barre Bee Fit is on GILT!!! Go grab some classes!} walked out sore but feeling accomplished :)  Then a few bunch chores, a bit of magazine catch-up, and a touch of work.

Boom, weekend is done :(

How did you spend your pas two days ?


  1. Such a fun weekend! Mine was spent running errands, buying curtains, playing at the dog park, running a race and brunching with friends!

  2. Beach and getting the guest room ready for the best daughter ever !

    1. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! Make that ran go away I want LOTS of beach time!!!!!


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