Friday, September 13, 2013


ooooo-WEEEE it's Friday! Time for another week to come to a close! Can't wait! I don't have any real big plans for the weekend. Hopefully the Hubs and I can sneak in a date night tomorrow night. We've been talking about a bunch of new (to us) places to try, so might be time! And Sunday, I'm teach FOUR barre classes! Yes, 4! {I might be sore on Monday! hehe} It's totally ok, because I love it!

Did you catch-up yesterday, on the blog? Finally started talking Thailand! (Lots more coming!)

I will take one of the 'after' living room please!!!

I still kick myself for not buying these 2 years ago....and no eBay search has yet to be successful (in my size!) - someone find them for me!

What are your thoughts on NYFW? I've never been, it seems so fun, but part of me thinks if lil ol me is there its not the NYFW I used to read about in college. It used to seem so out of reach and elusive (to a non-fashion industry individual) tell your thoughts!?!


  1. You must try Sable at the Palomar Hotel the drinks and food are delicious!

  2. I think I'm over NYFW. There are so many just blah people who get invited, it seems any jo schmo with a decent fashion blog and a decent following gets invited! Not to say I wouldn't goooo if I were invited to a show haha, but still. And those pants man. I wish I had gotten them for myself too :(

  3. Couldn't agree with Alex's comment more!

  4. Hope you had a great weekend. I'm kind of over NYFW as well. I've never been, but you're right it seems so inaccessible.

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