Friday, September 6, 2013

just Jenna me!

This Fall** and Winter....just Jenna me!!! Hot damn, I love her style!!!  Summer style I tend to go beachy-California in style {cut-offs, flip-flops (gasp!), faded jeans with tanks}. But come Fall/Spring/Winter - full blown prepster! {Button-downs, slacks, tailored coats, etc}

Maybe this year I can funk it up a bit more! I am so wearing a big cozy sweater over pink slacks!

Now off to find those items so I can create my own!!!! Slouchy cropped slacks, mixing colors, mostly solids with a impacting prints, and pointed toe shoes!

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***But let's not be Fall yet, I'm still enjoying summer and the heat! 


  1. Ugh yes yes yes! I love Jenna and her style. Often times I find myself staring at my closet asking myself "What would Jenna wear?" It helps me out. She's so classic. Love her.

    1. HAHA! We need to start it - WWJW? let's start the movement!!!! WWJW, WWJW!


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