Monday, September 16, 2013


BOOM! (shakka lakka! I mean how could I not!)

Obviously I had a bit of luck with the whole Philip Lim for Target thing. I really only wanted the sweatshirt, but I turned someone else's buyer remorse (taking it out of her cart, because she realized 3 mini's was probably too much (so yes she had every color in her cart) along with the larges...people are crazy!) into a little personal victory! I've been wanting to replace & get a new smaller black bag for a while - the savings for a nicer one is in progress so this one fit the bill quite nicely and didn't break the bank! I grabbed these two items, some new deodorant and left! Target on a Sunday is no place I want to be (if I don't have to!)! I'm still on the fence with the purse - currently floating around in a want/need/too trendy kinda thing, do I wait & save? I mean the one I have doesn't even zip anymore, and this one is kinda cute! What do you think?

But otherwise, I had a perfect weekend!!! I wish all of them could be so nice! It started with an extremely lazy morning/mid-day lounge in bed. Followed by a breakfast in bed (ok, so I might be the best omelette maker around, I've finally mastered the fluffiest eggs!), and then a few hours of 'Fall' cleaning. Closets organized, piles for consignment & goodwill by the front door ready to go! Floors moped, kitchen scrubbed. It feels so nice to get rid of so much unnecessary clutter! Even cleaned out our patio, said good bye to the dying summer veggie garden (except for the jalapenos' those babies are still going strong!) and even bought a Fall/winter plant so there is some greenery out there.....uggh Fall weather! And then some football & magazines on the couch!

Sunday I spent the day at the studio, I taught 4 classes and then helped a few teachers-in training for a couple hours. My rear and chest are sooo sore from all the push-ups and squats! But honestly I wouldn't change a thing, I had a blast!

How were your weekends?


  1. I say keep it! I managed to get up and order a few items online (I'm not sure I could have handled the crowds in-store) and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival!

  2. nice!!! i couldn't bring myself to brave target, but i have my eye on the other mini.

  3. Great selections from the collection! Love them!

  4. I bought the same sweater and bag (though I also bought the mini in yellow and a taupe medium sized one...this was on collab I fully supported especially at the price points offered!

  5. I didn't even look at the collaboration before it was released because a few recent ones haven't impressed me. I'm so disappointed that I didn't, because I love that bag so so much. I want the mini and the big one, but I'd say there's a chance I won't be getting either in my hot little hands.

  6. Grape jelly of those finds! I was too scared to go to my local Target so I'm perusing the leftovers online :(

  7. A great Target trip indeed! And that cute little mini purse is a KEEP for sure!


  8. I actually waited for the store to open up (only 8 other women were there waiting) and got 3 items. I'm also saving up for a nicer bag that's not too trendy. I'm glad it woke up early to catch the inventory since its my first time shopping a Target collaboration collection.


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