Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'm a bad blogger. 

Ok, so I'm terrible at keeping promises, or so it seems. I swear, just give me a few days and I'll be back!! :) 

Monday, September 23, 2013


Spent the weekend unplugged and connected. Connected to life. Laughed, and spent our entire Saturday out doors enjoying our city. Took a 20 mile bike ride all over town. Coffee, enjoyed side by side at an outdoor patio. Lots of discussion about who we want to be as people - kind, gentle, open minded - after watching rude, manner-less and closed individuals interact around town. The kind of days that make your heart full.

'Cosby Classic' A banana pudding influenced and flavored latte's - from Wormhole - yumm! 

Kicked Sunday's butt at Barre and taught 2 classes {Chicago ladies, Barre Bee Fit is on GILT!!! Go grab some classes!} walked out sore but feeling accomplished :)  Then a few bunch chores, a bit of magazine catch-up, and a touch of work.

Boom, weekend is done :(

How did you spend your pas two days ?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Black Flat Bootie

The weather is getting cooler, it's inevitable (but first lets rejoice, it's going to be in the 80's today!!!) Alas, time to start looking ahead! I adore the black booties i got last year, wear them all the time! 'Cept sometimes you jsut want a flat shoe, ya know?! ice, salt, puddles, extra thick wool socks, bare-legs-holding-onto-summer, the whole shebang. Well, given all that....Mama thinks she needs wants a flat black bootie for fall/winter! :)

I have the best brown pair and wear them constantly, don't they deserve a sister from another mister?! Mr Noir? ;) These are my current favs! If price wasn't an option which would you choose?! I want a pair with standing power, I don't want a one and done. I want these babies, like the other 2 pairs of boots i won to be coming back year after year!Which makes me love the LR's just the insty-bitsy bit less, because of the gold. I wish they were gunmetal or something!  You pick!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

hump de dump

I have no clue how it is Wednesday?! How does that even happen?!!!!! I'd like to buy this and wear it all winter long! Over sweaters. Over a plain T. Over turtlenecks. Over anything. Ok, get it?!

She really packs a punch! And this week I need lots of punches coming from corner of the ring!

OK, catch tomorrow! XOXO

Monday, September 16, 2013


BOOM! (shakka lakka! I mean how could I not!)

Obviously I had a bit of luck with the whole Philip Lim for Target thing. I really only wanted the sweatshirt, but I turned someone else's buyer remorse (taking it out of her cart, because she realized 3 mini's was probably too much (so yes she had every color in her cart) along with the larges...people are crazy!) into a little personal victory! I've been wanting to replace & get a new smaller black bag for a while - the savings for a nicer one is in progress so this one fit the bill quite nicely and didn't break the bank! I grabbed these two items, some new deodorant and left! Target on a Sunday is no place I want to be (if I don't have to!)! I'm still on the fence with the purse - currently floating around in a want/need/too trendy kinda thing, do I wait & save? I mean the one I have doesn't even zip anymore, and this one is kinda cute! What do you think?

But otherwise, I had a perfect weekend!!! I wish all of them could be so nice! It started with an extremely lazy morning/mid-day lounge in bed. Followed by a breakfast in bed (ok, so I might be the best omelette maker around, I've finally mastered the fluffiest eggs!), and then a few hours of 'Fall' cleaning. Closets organized, piles for consignment & goodwill by the front door ready to go! Floors moped, kitchen scrubbed. It feels so nice to get rid of so much unnecessary clutter! Even cleaned out our patio, said good bye to the dying summer veggie garden (except for the jalapenos' those babies are still going strong!) and even bought a Fall/winter plant so there is some greenery out there.....uggh Fall weather! And then some football & magazines on the couch!

Sunday I spent the day at the studio, I taught 4 classes and then helped a few teachers-in training for a couple hours. My rear and chest are sooo sore from all the push-ups and squats! But honestly I wouldn't change a thing, I had a blast!

How were your weekends?

Friday, September 13, 2013


ooooo-WEEEE it's Friday! Time for another week to come to a close! Can't wait! I don't have any real big plans for the weekend. Hopefully the Hubs and I can sneak in a date night tomorrow night. We've been talking about a bunch of new (to us) places to try, so might be time! And Sunday, I'm teach FOUR barre classes! Yes, 4! {I might be sore on Monday! hehe} It's totally ok, because I love it!

Did you catch-up yesterday, on the blog? Finally started talking Thailand! (Lots more coming!)

I will take one of the 'after' living room please!!!

I still kick myself for not buying these 2 years ago....and no eBay search has yet to be successful (in my size!) - someone find them for me!

What are your thoughts on NYFW? I've never been, it seems so fun, but part of me thinks if lil ol me is there its not the NYFW I used to read about in college. It used to seem so out of reach and elusive (to a non-fashion industry individual) tell your thoughts!?!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vacation: Packing

Ok, my recap of Thailand is soooo far over due! But I've finally made a big dent in editing photos, cropping laughing, deleting a few! So it's time to start! And the best place for that is at the beginning, packing. Packing for 2 weeks in a single carry on, with room!

I think every woman out there can relate - over packing! I know I am was one of the worst! I need 17 options for 4 days away. I mean what if it was hot? what if it was hot and humid? what if it was just warm with a breeze? Correct me if I am wrong but all of those are different outfits in my book!

Addition to over packing, I seem to have had a curse of international-flight-luggage-doesn't-make-it-itis! Let me tell you 2 weeks abroad without a change of clothes is no fun, nor cheap, nor highly-dramatic-crying (right Mom?!). So after those hard lessens - I do not every travel anywhere without at least one change of clothes/2 extra undies in my carry-on {unless I'm going to visit Mom bc I can raid her closet for something til we hit the stores! ;) } And if I was going somewhere tropical, add a bathing suit to that carry-on. So I know I will be set for at least a while without ruining my vacation bc I am stuck without anything to wear.

So when we planned this trip I knew a massive suitcase wouldn't do (for me at least!). I was going to do it a carry-on. Two-weeks, lots of options - determined to make it happen. And I needed room for souvenirs!!! And not only did it work for me - the Hubs (the shoe King) did too! Neurotically I planned everything down to a detailed spreadsheet/packing list - so the days leading up it wasn't all that hard! We even brought home clothes that went unworn!! From a carry-on! 

Basics and options were the key. As you peak below, patterns were at a minimum and pretty much everything I could mix or match based on mood, temperature, humidity or daily adventure level. I also knew what our basic plans were for the trip - lots of walking around in Bangkok, lots of beach/pool/island exploring in Phuket and casual dinners throughout the trip.

Once that I knew the basics I started laying items out. Tank tops in a variety of styles and color were more than enough - and I made sure each one could be worn with any of my 'bottom' options. A few of my Lululemon workout tanks actually pulled double duty, the humidity and heat in Thailand in August (their Monsoon season) is very high, so the sweat wicking fabric was essential to staying cool & dry all day while walking around the city. I wore tennis shoes onto the plane, and packed just a few options for flat sandals. Absolutely no need for heels and or wedges anywhere in Thailand, unless you are going somewhere fancy. I did plenty of research before we went because I planned on bringing a pair, every article said don't bother you wont wear. And I am so glad I didn't waste any valuable space, they would have gone unworn! And very basic accessories - gold watch, long plain gold necklace & a few fun ring options. 

I thought some labels might help! 
(And yes atop those flip flops, I placed a few more items (2 dressed/workout shorts & my make-up bag - shown below) 

 Now after doing mine, next up was the Hubs suitcase. I had to do it for him. He is the throw it in, in a ball and go type. I knew that method wouldn't work - nor would just simply placing his items in. One of the KEY factors in making this work is how you fold/roll! Neither of us would have been able to fit the items we brought had we not done this. I laid everything out next to the suitcase and then as I went to place each item in, I gently fold/rolled it. So the final item was roughly half the size it normally was - in that size you can stay organized and easily stack items in. I mean just look how many full size adult male t-shirts I was able to get with this method (Shown below, on the right side of suitcase)!

Stuck our under garments, and socks in the upper flap/zipper. And cords/chargers etc went into one of our outside zippers. While the other held a binder with all our trip information organized.

How do you pack when traveling?  Have any of you traveled abroad with only a carry-on? If so how long were you gone for? Would you be interested in seeing how I came up with what to bring? Outfit/mix matches?

*NOTE: If you every travel anywhere in Asia I highly recommend traveling light! You need a lot less than you think! Clothes are very reasonable there - so plan to shop and get some fun new stuff! And if necessary, you can easily pick-up a super cheap suitcase (I saw some for what translates to $6, with wheels!) and just check one on the way home! We also brought single use laundry detergent - I did a load in our bathtub one night, of socks and our workout gear/tank tops - since they were all worn and we wanted to wear again! And just hung them to dry - our hotel room in Phuket even had a drying rack (which is how they all dry clothing over there)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

splurge or save?!

It's no secret that Valentino's Rockstud line isn't going anywhere soon! {Just check out Instagram from NYFW!} Those little bad boy studs are everywhere! So popular and not a fleeting trend. Purses, sandals, heels, pumps, flats - the more the merrier in my book!!! :) I know they aren't within everyone's budget but I've found an incredible alternative! Now here is the question - Do you splurge or save?! 

Save -or- Splurge (Nude // Black)

I am a big, BIG fan! So I fully support you being a Rockstud Twin with me :) !!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

recent favorites

 Busted out my camera to capture a few of my recent favorites around the house!

Been on a nail polish buying spree lately! I blame Target, it's so easy to grab my favs!! 
{Blue - Butler Please! // Red - A List // Black - Licorice }

This body wash is like a ball of energy in a bottle! I love using every morning when the last thing I want is to be away from the comfy bed, instant pick-me-up!! (just don't get it in or near your much tingle! Just speaking from, ya know, experience!)

 Getting old stinks, over the past 6 months I've noticed fine lines on my forehead appear. Or rather after making a crazy facial expressions, the lines don't go away completely. Gasp! I guess all those dramatic facial 'Say what's?!' scrunching my eyebrows all over the place and all those silly teen years baking in the sun have started to catch up. And probably just a little of regular 'ol life! I am not afraid of getting old, just want to do everything I can now to slow it down. (And the thought of wrinkles are kinda a little bit.. just sorta scary, not gonna lie!) A close friend from High School's Aunt is a Nerium AD Ambassador (and facebook friend!). So after reading all her posts, then emailing back and forth numerous times I decided to take the plunge. I placed my Nerium order! I was a bit hesitant at first, because it isn't the cheapest facial product I own - I wanted to be sure it was worth my investment. But I've been using it over a few months now, and I'm IN.LOVE!!!! Fine lines have lessened, and my skins texture is so much smoother!!! You know when your Husband says, something is different but can't say just 'what', that you are on to a good thing!!! I also noticed last month a few other bloggers were using it as well (via their postings), made me feel good that others were going to try as well! I am happy to pass on my contacts name and info if you would like to talk to her directly - she is amazing! Great purchase in my book! (I do the monthly auto-refill, so easy that it is just delivered when I'm getting low! One bottle does last me longer than a month though, so I just hold on to it until I'm ready!) 

 I love the way the afternoon light is looking on my babe, Freddy! Still alive and growing - we have had one new leaf pop! And yes I might have spent an hour reading about care online. Destined to not kill him! 

So glad the lady doing my nails didn't let me go dark for Fall! Now if only I could remember which Essie color I ran and grabbed on a whim! Summer is not done yet!!!

Now your turn, share: What have you been loving?

Friday, September 6, 2013

just Jenna me!

This Fall** and Winter....just Jenna me!!! Hot damn, I love her style!!!  Summer style I tend to go beachy-California in style {cut-offs, flip-flops (gasp!), faded jeans with tanks}. But come Fall/Spring/Winter - full blown prepster! {Button-downs, slacks, tailored coats, etc}

Maybe this year I can funk it up a bit more! I am so wearing a big cozy sweater over pink slacks!

Now off to find those items so I can create my own!!!! Slouchy cropped slacks, mixing colors, mostly solids with a impacting prints, and pointed toe shoes!

*images via

***But let's not be Fall yet, I'm still enjoying summer and the heat!