Thursday, August 22, 2013


A peak of a few souvenirs from Thailand! 

Vogue Thailand - so inspirational! 
A new bangle, with the cutest elephants stamped. 
A ridiculously silly new iPhone case (now to finally jump on the 5 bandwagon!) 
and POCKY!!! I have not had it in years!!! 
{Anyone know where I can find some here in Chicago?!}


  1. POCKY! OMG the Asian half of me is going insane. I love Pocky. Check any authentic Chinese grocery store. We love our Pocky.

  2. You can also find Pocky at most World Markets... Random, I know.

  3. Ah great little tokens and yes I've seen Pocky at World Markets!

  4. Hi Taylor,
    Some weeks ago I found your blog and love it since. You are doing a great job.
    Happy me will be in Chicago beginning of September and try to do some shopping besides working. I was in Chicago twice and just made it to Michigan Avenue where my hotel is.
    Can you give me a short advise where to shop?
    I've read about Armitage Avenue, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park.
    But I have just a few hours to hit some places that have not the usual european-stuff.
    Manuela, Germany


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