Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Treats: Green

Haven't done one of these babies in a while. Someone get me another room to decorate!!!! I have absolutly no room, or need for this beauty. But when I saw it in the new IKEA catalog I dog eared the page and came back to view a fwe times! Isn't she stunning?!?!?!!!! It's velvet too! Gosh I want her! 


  1. In 3 weeks you get to decorate until you can't decorate no more ! Can't wait for the "final" Taylor touches so I can put the Houston the market !

  2. And that would be house not Houston......but gosh, I do have some swamp land I can sell as well as the house !

  3. Dude I totally want that too! Lovely shade of emerald!


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