Thursday, August 1, 2013


What are your carry-on must haves? Traveling for some is easy, others it's a cause of anxiety, but I always feel like bringing some of your favorites along always make traveling any distance much easier!

In my carry-on I always have the regulars - Stacks of magazines, a book, earbuds/headphones (not pictured), some chapstick, and a snack or two! Totally loving KIND bars lately - lots of protein and healthy yummies/fiber. And for international flights I add - toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wipes (so I can easily wipe my face before I get comfy!), a 'PM' med (I sleep pretty easily, but a little extra help to stay asleep for more than an a couple hours for those 8+ hour flights), and a neck pillow! Also, I always have a big scarf to use as a blanket!! Always always!

What is one of your 'must have items'??

Get some great travel accessories here, I kinda wish I had one of those eye masks!!


  1. I can't get on a plane without a big scarf. Usually planes are just too cold for me, so a scarf doubles as a blanket. I also hate germs, so using the plane blankets is out of the question for me.

  2. i just posted my travel wish list (complete with a pair of frends headphones) yesterday and am posting what's in my carryon next week or the week after! :) and i LOVE kind bars! so good and a great source of protein!

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