Monday, August 26, 2013

Bits of....

Breakfast, on repeat // re-post, I still don't get it even if I move the bed closer, he picks the floor!
BL(obster)T - I die!!!! // Ikea on a Saturday, at least I got this baby for $13! 

What a whirlwind weekend! It was go go go, but I feel very accomplished and still pretty relaxed! Friday afternoon I got the bright idea to swap our office and bedroom. Let me just say, rearranging your furniture as an adult is nothing like when you are a kid! Well, once I get an idea like this there is no stopping my neurotic brain! It.was.on! 

As payment for dealing with this I needed to treat my man to a meal right up his alley! I needed to make him happy before I made him start moving everything we own to the living room, so we could dismantle our king size bed. Move it. Then put it all back together, the same day! Oh and make him come to Ikea with me, I wanted to look as inexpensive curtain panels (I refuse to spend a lot on something specific to a rental!). We got it all done! The best lunch, success at Ikea (plus I got my new plant!!! Now to keep him alive! Pray for me, I tend to kill everything, unless it lives outdoors!) and the house looks great! I love the new bedroom, and layout! {Hopefully I can finish rehanging some pictures and show you some pics!}

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  1. Love your snapshots...we're now following you on Instagram! :)

  2. DAT LOBSTER. Love. LOVE. Oh and I won't lie, when I first saw that BLT photo and the name of the restaurant I got all excited that you might be in my hood at some lobster restaurant I hadn't been to. WHOMP.


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