Wednesday, July 24, 2013

brief pause

Today was going to be all about what to wear on the plane for traveling long distances - bc I am having a tough time! But have something more important I'd like to discuss....

These two...three! 

Whatever water the Royal's are consuming, I need some of that!!!! I mean the Duke & Duchess is looking waaaaaay amazing! She had a baby 24 hours prior to this photo, she is in wedges (!), that amazing blue dress, no bags or big dark circles & genuinely looks happy and nothing like she just had a baby the day before! Now granted, I am not naive enough to think she didn't have help with hair in make-up. But I mean, allow me to bow down, she has got it going on!!!

I have had a longstanding crush on Wills, there was a brief Harry phase but Will's has been my love! I am sure all the other children of the 80's can agree! I remember reading about Princess Di's wedding and the births of the boys. And reading all my Mom's gossip magazines and stealing pictures of the boys as they grew up! I was bound and determined that somehow I would be the next Princess! :) I mean, but didn't we all?! (Shhh don't tell me if you didn't!)

In all seriousness, I just can't not believe how incredible and happy they look! It makes me happy! I do not know them, nor will I probably ever, but I wish them nothing but the best! And it will be fun to watch the baby boy grow up. However I do not wish the intense media scrutiny that they will have to live with, which affected that family already - bird walk not for this happy post.

And lastly....these are just too cute! :)


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