Monday, July 8, 2013

bits of: The 4th

1. Working out. I told ya, and I'll tell ya 100x I love barre!!! Such a great workout! Had to get in 2 classes before the madness and yumminess of 4th BBQ's! So glad I got outta bed and hit the gym!
2. Never enough opportunities to use my micro-plane or zester in the kitchen! I needed it for Julia Child's lemon & oil dressing for the pasta salad I was bringing to the BBQ - it's so good and refreshing! Plus in teh heat one should never use ingredients that need to be refrigerated - like mayo - people will thank you when they don't get sick!
3. Saturday afternoon adventure with the Hubs! Got a flat tire on my bike on our ride over to Big Star - laughable but walking with your bike isn't as fun as riding it!
4. Lots of margaritas!!! (Insert tipsy Taylor here)
5. Fresh cut Italian flat leaf parsley from my little patio garden - anyone need some?! I have more than this still growing!
6. Bike.Rides.For.Days! {Wearing these shoes, and these shorts}

So, yes a fantastic looong weekend - so necessary! How were your 4th's and weekends?


  1. yes for margs and bike rides!! we're considering buying a couple-a used ones. do you mostly ride in the city? i'm thinking there must be some good trails a little further north.

    1. Yes we ride all over the city! I want to find some good trails or paths to take - we normally head somewhere to eat or drink ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Parsley and girl date soon?!?!!!!! Whattta bout brunch next sunday? I have to teach barre at 1030, so if you don't mind me sweaty and hot-mess-looking I'm in!

  3. My microplane saves my life on the reg and if you could just send over a marg right about now that would be faaaaantastic. Mondays are woof.

  4. That Big Star photo you posted on Instagram had me instantly craving some tacos!!


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