Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4 Popular Ladies

Been addicted to Pinterest again lately! {Come Pin with ME!} And these little ladies have been my four most popular pis as of late....and you all have great taste!

1. Gwyenth! Such a beauty!!! Loving her relaxed stripes on stripes - so classic! // via
2. Black Bean Burgers - Don't these look amazing?! With salsa fresca and guac - YUMMM! I mean it is bikini season after all, time to try things a little lighter // via
3. At home manicure....How to! Because I suck, and need to improve my skills! // via
4. Julia Child's Eggplant Pizza - I might miss my crust but I am willing to try! Because these babies look delish! // via

Have you been on Pinterst lately? What has been your favorite pin? Share in the comments - I love exploring the web via Pinterst (esp at night, curled up in bed, under the covers with the AC blasting!)!


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