Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My 2013 Summer Reads

Been reading up a storm this summer!! Lots for fun easy reads, gotta love a good girlie romance novel or 5! I just started Girls in White Dresses - so far I like it!

What are you reading? What do you recommend?! I need some more books on my to-read list. And i REALLY need suggestions for my trip!!!

Get yours here:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

traveling pants... :P

So back to my big vacation!!! Because this is all I can think about! I have been looking forward to this since December when we planned this baby.....that's 7 looooong months of Thai dreaming! For this trip I knew right off the bat I wanted to travel light! I often tend to just start throwing different options into my suitcase but we will dive into that a bit later (constant over-packer-never-wearer!) - today I wanted to chat about what to wear while traveling! More specifically, international travel! 

Because long, looooong, long plane rides are, well, long! And I can't, wont be in my PJ's. But I still want to feel cute! But seriously comfort (for me) is even more important! For our trip we have just over 30 hours of plane rides before we reach our destination!!! Yes you read that right, 30 hours!!! Which is way different than the 10 to Greece or 6 to London..... it's 30!!!  I don't want my cute skinny jeans digging into my gut while trying to snooze for the second or 5th time in mere hours! Nor do I want to freeze my tush off! Because I know I am not alone, no matter what I get the coldest row on the plane! I don't honestly think I have ever turned my little air-jet on! ever! However nothing I would wear on the plane (besides maybe shoes) will really work for the hot hot humid heat of Thailand in Aug - so I want to be smart about my choice, bc for the rest of my trip it will be in the suitcase!

There are so many cute, relaxed looks out there now a days, just look: 

I think I have narrowed down what I may wear.....but who knows come weekend I could be running around  town snatching up something different! I do think/know whatever I decide on (some form of pants!) I will be wearing my new Nikes bc I don't want them to take up precious space in my suitcase!  (Note: Mine are not the ones below, I can't find mine online anywhere! :( I got them from a specialty shoe store here, they are Nike Flyknits in a multi grey speckle & they ROCK!)

Comfy Pants, fun slouchy top (that won't wrinkle!), a sweater to layer with and dainty jewelry to not set off any metal detectors! I hate having to take everything off!

What do you think? What would you wear?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

brief pause

Today was going to be all about what to wear on the plane for traveling long distances - bc I am having a tough time! But have something more important I'd like to discuss....

These two...three! 

Whatever water the Royal's are consuming, I need some of that!!!! I mean the Duke & Duchess is looking waaaaaay amazing! She had a baby 24 hours prior to this photo, she is in wedges (!), that amazing blue dress, no bags or big dark circles & genuinely looks happy and nothing like she just had a baby the day before! Now granted, I am not naive enough to think she didn't have help with hair in make-up. But I mean, allow me to bow down, she has got it going on!!!

I have had a longstanding crush on Wills, there was a brief Harry phase but Will's has been my love! I am sure all the other children of the 80's can agree! I remember reading about Princess Di's wedding and the births of the boys. And reading all my Mom's gossip magazines and stealing pictures of the boys as they grew up! I was bound and determined that somehow I would be the next Princess! :) I mean, but didn't we all?! (Shhh don't tell me if you didn't!)

In all seriousness, I just can't not believe how incredible and happy they look! It makes me happy! I do not know them, nor will I probably ever, but I wish them nothing but the best! And it will be fun to watch the baby boy grow up. However I do not wish the intense media scrutiny that they will have to live with, which affected that family already - bird walk not for this happy post.

And lastly....these are just too cute! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

getting excited & I need your tips!

This time next week I will quite possibly be like a chicken with my head cut off! I will in the final stages of packing and prepping for my loooong awaited summer vacation! The Hubs and I will be meeting up with my Mom and brother, here:

THAILAND!!!!!! Have you ever gone? What do I NEED to see? do? eat? Tell me everything!!!! We don't have many 'must do' things, so your suggestions are completely welcome!!! I want to go to the Grand Palace, Khao San Road, Chatuchak market in Bangkok. While in Phuket I want to go to Patong Beach for a day, a boat tour to 'the Beach' and plenty of time sunbathing, and massages!!! Oh man I am sooo ready! {Well minus the fact I have NO CLUE WHAT TO WEAR ON THE PLANE!!!! But that's for tomorrow!}

Friday, July 19, 2013

this week

Pheew what a week! It fleeeeeeew by! Work was crazy busy, and then the Hubs and I had family in town (So much fun with my Mother-In-Law! Shopping, eating and she taught me how to make pound cake), so I took a day away from work which was wonderful! Although, this heat wave is no joke!!!!! 

How were your weeks? 

Lately I have been watching 'Orange is the new Black' on Netflix before bed! I read the book, so it's a fun mindless release. I started finding goodies I want for Fall. Like this great Cashmere sweater or these awesome faux leather pants (I was too chicken to try them last year, but I think this is my year!)! I also loooove this shift dress, because of the darker colors I could wear in the last bits of summer, easily transition it to fall with some booties and winter, just add tights!  

How have you been surviving this heat wave? It seems like it's everywhere right now! Stay cool this weekend!!! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4 Popular Ladies

Been addicted to Pinterest again lately! {Come Pin with ME!} And these little ladies have been my four most popular pis as of late....and you all have great taste!

1. Gwyenth! Such a beauty!!! Loving her relaxed stripes on stripes - so classic! // via
2. Black Bean Burgers - Don't these look amazing?! With salsa fresca and guac - YUMMM! I mean it is bikini season after all, time to try things a little lighter // via
3. At home manicure....How to! Because I suck, and need to improve my skills! // via
4. Julia Child's Eggplant Pizza - I might miss my crust but I am willing to try! Because these babies look delish! // via

Have you been on Pinterst lately? What has been your favorite pin? Share in the comments - I love exploring the web via Pinterst (esp at night, curled up in bed, under the covers with the AC blasting!)!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Let's Go Shopping! Just a few babies I'm eyeing right now! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beat the HEAT!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

It's been HOT. It's been HUMID!!! I love the heat, not so much the humidity.....with curly hair I tend to look like a giant frizz ball strolling down the street! With this type of weather I tend to simplify. Less items touching my clammy skin. Shielding me from the sun, staying cool (well, at least trying!) and of course trying to stay semi-cute! I love the mirrored sunglasses trend, especially these bright blue ones (I wish I didn't need RX glasses!) And white nails - I used to hate this, maybe from my HS days of painting my nails with whiteout bored in class! But now, LOVE!!! I know what I want my next mani color to be!

How have you been staying cool? How do you 'Beat the Heat'?!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In the Kitchen: Pasta Salad

This pasta salad will go down as the best I've ever made! I could really go for a bowl full right now! Not that I make pasta salad a lot but I normally find them pretty bland, no punch of flavor. This one wasn't! It was all due to the dressing I used I think!!! New to me, but a classic! It was Julia Child's recipe after all! I followed Julia Child's Lemon and Oil Dressing recipe and doused the ingredients once complete. {I just about tripled this recipe, for a whole bag of pasta - just for reference}

For the salad you'll need : Pasta of your choice, Grape tomatoes, English cucumber, 1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, snap peas and crumbled feta. (but the best part of pasta salad -use what you like!) And the dressing of course.

Cook the pasta as directed and let it cool. While its cooking chop your veggies!!! A rule of thumb I like to use is to keep everything roughly the same size. So my slicing and dicing resulted in quartering the cucumber, halving the grape tomatoes, etc.

Then put everything in a bowl, toss the pasta on top, add feta, lots of fresh cracked pepper, and dump that lemon/oil goodness! Mix up real good, taste - do you need anything else? More fresh lemon juice, a bit more oil, pepper? Store in fridge until you are ready to chow down!

Now go eat!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

bits of: The 4th

1. Working out. I told ya, and I'll tell ya 100x I love barre!!! Such a great workout! Had to get in 2 classes before the madness and yumminess of 4th BBQ's! So glad I got outta bed and hit the gym!
2. Never enough opportunities to use my micro-plane or zester in the kitchen! I needed it for Julia Child's lemon & oil dressing for the pasta salad I was bringing to the BBQ - it's so good and refreshing! Plus in teh heat one should never use ingredients that need to be refrigerated - like mayo - people will thank you when they don't get sick!
3. Saturday afternoon adventure with the Hubs! Got a flat tire on my bike on our ride over to Big Star - laughable but walking with your bike isn't as fun as riding it!
4. Lots of margaritas!!! (Insert tipsy Taylor here)
5. Fresh cut Italian flat leaf parsley from my little patio garden - anyone need some?! I have more than this still growing!
6. Bike.Rides.For.Days! {Wearing these shoes, and these shorts}

So, yes a fantastic looong weekend - so necessary! How were your 4th's and weekends?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

recap: what's up!

well whoops, I got crazy sick and then blink it's a week later, still have a pretty intense cough but I'm alive! :) And well sleeping was the only thing I wanted to do when I go home form work, sorry my friends!!! Make sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook - I try to post there lots more regularly!

So if you missed it...here are some recent Instagram shots!

Enjoying time outside on our new deck with my souvenir from Vegas! (Usable drink cup, but no Long Island Iced team this time, just water!) // A Casual Friday outfit for work - living in these Superga's // 
Devoured he Revenge Wears Prada & my fab new ring from Anjolee* which I have been wearing it non-stop! // CPR re-Certification - if you need it, I've got ya covered! ;) // 
new Bauble Bar treats! // I wore an old staple to a friends wedding this past weekend, the best part is the embellished neckline - you don't need any accessories! 

What is the most exciting thing you have done lately? 

*Anjolee - Provided me with this ring, however all reviews are 100% my own opinions! Anjolee is an amazing online retailer which offers amazing quality jewelry products - bridal ring sets and high quality hoop earrings in a variety of styles, shapes and prices. I just love my ring!