Friday, June 28, 2013

Fall already?

Yesterday morning I got an email form J.Crew, I normally love those! I mean I loved this one, but I definitely had to do a double take - Fall?! Schu-cka-WHAT?! We have barely had many 'real' summer days up here! I mean I don't have any sort of tan yet!

But droolllllll. I mean I shared a few of these look back after fashion week's presentation. So glad to see they are really truly coming out! Now I am not letting myself even think about pre-ordering any of these. But lordy oh lord, I sure want to for a few pieces!

So in love with both the ladies and the gents! (My guy picks, are ones I can totally see my Hubs rocking and hope he does!)  The starred one will be mine, no question - Like fancy PJ's for work?!!! SOLD!


I love this, but I can't. I can't even begin to think about wearing layers again! It's only been hot enough to go without a jacket for a few weeks!


***If you live in Chicago, come see me at the Barre this weekend - teaching Sunday at 10:30am at the Gold Coast location! 


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