Friday, June 28, 2013

Fall already?

Yesterday morning I got an email form J.Crew, I normally love those! I mean I loved this one, but I definitely had to do a double take - Fall?! Schu-cka-WHAT?! We have barely had many 'real' summer days up here! I mean I don't have any sort of tan yet!

But droolllllll. I mean I shared a few of these look back after fashion week's presentation. So glad to see they are really truly coming out! Now I am not letting myself even think about pre-ordering any of these. But lordy oh lord, I sure want to for a few pieces!

So in love with both the ladies and the gents! (My guy picks, are ones I can totally see my Hubs rocking and hope he does!)  The starred one will be mine, no question - Like fancy PJ's for work?!!! SOLD!


I love this, but I can't. I can't even begin to think about wearing layers again! It's only been hot enough to go without a jacket for a few weeks!


***If you live in Chicago, come see me at the Barre this weekend - teaching Sunday at 10:30am at the Gold Coast location! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Barre Bee Fit

You have probably seen me mention on my Friday posts, going to 'Barre' to work out this weekend! Hope to take a few 'Barre' classes this weekend! etc, and or something along those lines. Well it's true I was. I mean I am!!! For the past year and a half, almost closer to two years by now, I have been attending multiple Barre Bee Fit classes a week in addition to the gym. To say I am in love would be an understatement.... I'm head over heels in love!

I first went after purchasing an online deal for discounted classes, just looking to add something into the standard, run - lift weights routine. And to 'see' what a barre method style-class was all about! I get bored at the 'regular gym' easily and I needed something the would engage me. Engage my mind and leave me wanting more. After college when all team sports finally ended for me, I missed interaction with others in a 'positive, we are in this together' while we work out sense. That empty feeling I get after the gym, is so NOT Barre!

It's a positive enviroment. It's encouragement to be your best you. It's pushing yourself, what are you capable of, what do you want to get out of your workout. All while creating a community of other strong, like minded women around you. And I love it!! The constant words of encouragement to push myself to my limit really struck a cord with me. It was a workout that I could determine what I wanted as an end result. My level of determination would lead me to my goals! And after years of competitive sports, that spoke to me. I have and always will be my own worst enemy, but on the days I want to give up - I have a positive teacher holding me accountable and pushing me to do more! And that's what spoke to me, and my admiration for Barre Bee fit grow!

I can do more 'real' pushups now than I have ever been able to ever in the history of ever! I have definition in my abs. Oh yes I said it! And I have definition in my arms that no weight lifting obtained!


I AM NOW A BARRE BEE FIT TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full fledged, I am a one women butt-kicking show! :) HA! No but seriously, I love it so much, why not teach some classes ?! So I jumped in. I have been in training off and on for the past few months - stupid work getting in the way! ;)

But ladies and gents, it's here, COME LET ME KICK YOUR REAR!!!! If you are in Chicago, please come and try out the studio (Ladies only!) and come see me! I would love for you to try what I am so in love with!

If you have any questions please let me know, I am more than happy to answer them for you!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hat, hat, HAT

So for the past few months I've himmed and ha'ed. Should I get a new hat for summer? Or no? How many times would I actually wear it? etc. I scooped up a baseball cap without a second thought, because a baseball cap I'm comfortable in. A fedora or panama hat, I don't know! I have a crazy big head, will I look ridiculous?!

I want this!!!

The ever popular J.Crew Panama Hat - Get it HERE

And all these beautiful ladies make me think I need to just try!!! And the driving force behind this desire is my big summer vacation in a month. Thailand. While in the islands, I want to be covered, but stylish, but but....uggh, how do I travel with a hat like that? I don't want to crush it, but I'm traveling light so where do I put it?! Do I have to carry it? I can see that getting old, I mean it's halfway around the world!

Should I just get it?! HELP ME!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

happy 3

Sending out a 'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY' to my best friend! The person who makes me laugh the hardest, who makes me smile the brightest, who makes me feel the most special! Not a day goes by that my love for you doesn't grow ever stronger!

I can't believe it's been three years! But, babe those three years have hand down been the best three of my life! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

outdoor space

Moving to our new place in the middle of last summer, I didn't do much. Although I had big plans. A new outdoor table, outdoor rug, and lots of plants. So, this year, I didn't hold back!!!

Take a peak for yourself!

Flowers galore!!!! And with the all pots the previous tenant left, I said, Veggies!!!!! And after a few weeks and some nice rains, we are starting to get some home grown goodies! We have a tomato plant (nothing growing here yet!), a jalapeno plant, Parsley, banana peppers, and red bell peppers!

I love spending time out here now!!! And with a big table, that can seat four. I'm ready for a sunny weekend to host our first BBQ! DO you have any outdoor space? Are you growing any veggies of your own this summer? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

happy weekend!

Personally I'm soooo glad it's the weekend, vacation threw me off the work-work-work mindset and I struggled getting back into the swing of things. Although I have to be up early for work tomorrow, boo, and will probably be at it all day. I'll be home rocking PJ's and letting the pooch nap on my lap - those are big pluses to me! I hope to run out for a nice little bite to eat with the Hubs on Saturday night and definitely hitting up Barre for a few classes Sunday morning!!! :) Must keep up with working out now that vacation is over!

What do you have on the agenda for the weekend?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

green & BUNZ

I like big BUNZ and I can not lie!!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself! Saturday night this giant bun and my new fav dress were on the menu! Gotta love hair that takes 5 minutes to do and makes you feel like a million bucks!

I wore this out for our last dinner in Vegas this past weekend (take me back!!!) we had a blast! My body and mop were enjoying the hot hot desert heat! And hey, it was vacation, so this was all that I could muster for outfit pictures!!! I had food and cocktails on the brain! Or maybe it was the heat that got to me! ;)

The above two shots, made it to instagram, and the below - another shot of me BUNZ, and get yourself this dress!!! And thank me later! Recieved so many compliments, and it was so comfy!! {Note: I rarely go without a bra, however this dress, and where the opening hit along the back, it was just better without one. And you couldn't tell! Fully lined, and good coverage, so I didn't feel 'exposed'. And hey after a bottle of wine at dinner and a few cocktails, I didn't even notice!!! :) }

Get your Own dress HERE

I can't wait to recreate this look again! Different hair and dress? Sure thing! Different Shoes, same hair - OK! Needless to say I'm in love with this dress! :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Catch you lady-bugs next week.....My out of office is on!!!


I've packed bikini's, SPF, shoes and dresses! I'm on Vacation baby!!! Follow along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for real time 'fun!' - unless I spontanioulsy decide to UNPLUG. In that case - c ya next week! ;)  I couldn't be more ready for this looooong weekend away! The heat, time with my Hubs, Brother & my best friend! Me + three 'boys' = Shenanigans!!! Rumors of going to a shooting range, pool party and Birthday celebrating ....all that jazz!

Kisses, K - BYE! ;)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

copy cat chic

I love me a good shirt-dress (slip-dress)! Throw it on and go. Dress it up, dress it down - you are able to wear it in so many ways! I saw this look on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and fell in love. So easy to wear and so easy to recreate!!! Copy Cat Chic at it's finest!!! 

You can get the look too! I know I am going to recreate with items in my closet! 

Fill in the gaps and more! {Great options below!}