Wednesday, May 29, 2013

suns out!

Sun. I love it! Summer, it's the best! Mother Nature be on that funky stuff up in these parts!! It was freezing this past holiday weekend (Although it was nice because there was not one ounce of guilt felt for staying on the couch every day!) and I'm ready to be outside and sweating! Being a California girl through and through I love the sun! Although, I'm pale and the sun it's not good for you, so I always cover up in SPF 30+ all over my body! And will be doing so even more - I had to have a mole removed from my back earlier this year, and now I have an ugly 1" scar on my back! I always make everyone apply sunscreen, lobster bodies aren't cute (even my Hubs! No matter your skin color you can still get sun burned!)! Nor is it healthy!

But who am I kidding, I love being tan. It's a hard line folks, I tell ya! I've come to love a spray tan {Benefit on Armitage is my go to place, if you are in Chicago and need a great location for one!}

So in preparing for 2 upcoming vacations - yes you read that right! 2!!!! I've been scoring the internet for new bikinis, sandals, sunnies and hats. Here are a few of my favs!! You can see a few items I've purchased here!

Are you going anywhere tropical this summer?? If so where!!! {I need travel tips/advice - full post soon!}


  1. Replies
    1. Well it's not really here today - but in theory it should be! But i love summer and i WILL be in the sun soon! :)

  2. Thailand. Thailand, Thailand !!!

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