Tuesday, May 21, 2013

life lately

life lately according to Instagram! :)

Lot's of cooking at home, and even more so, lots of grilling!!! Clockwise from upper Left: Caprese Salad // Burgers with baby arugula salad // Grilled Italian Sausage with sauteed peppers and onions & a mixed greens salad // Good 'ol American meal - Grilled hot dogs, a beer and baked beans (and some chips! gotta splurge a little!) 

Some Puppy (and wine) love!!! Clockwise: Running errands with Mom and Dad. My new favorite wine - Chateaunneuf-de-Pape {Holy OMG so good!}. Keeping all his bones close while sleeping in! And lastly, silly grins from my little man - I love him so!!!

Oh yes, the instagram selfie! HAHA! It's finally nice and warm out, time to start busting out some new or long since they've last been worn duds! Clockwise: Work Wear - silk top and ankle length slacks // Curls and glasses for days - this is me 8-5 M-F, you aren't missing much friends! Silly smirks and all! // Cali girl, always - tank, denim and flip flops on the weekends! Hard to break life long habits! {Tank: Zara, Jeans: AG, Bag: Chloe (similar here), Sunnies: Rayban} // Bridal Shower Brunch, a doggie photo bomb and a glimpse of my Birthday gift from the Hubs!!!! {Jacket: Zara-old, Dress: lord so old (wore it to my own bridal shower 3 yrs ago!), Bag: Celine Trio!!! Eeks Hubs did beyond for the birthday gift!!!}

Sorry if you've seen these all already :) Sometimes it's still fun to share - so deal, k? :) {Sorry I am in an 'I think I'm funny' mood right now!}


  1. Look at all that yummy food! And loving all of your outfits!

  2. Can't get enough of that pup! Cute pics!

  3. I love your curls. Do you mind sharing what products you put in your hair to keep your curls shiny but not crunchy. Thanks.

  4. could you seriously be any cuter?! And you cook too! You are the jam.


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