Tuesday, April 23, 2013

white denim

So I have a dilemma. A frivolous one but still one none the less. I can't find my white jeans!!! Last year I finally upgraded my white jeans. It was fair over due. I found a pair that fit like a glove. Tush looked great (if I say so myself!) and a great thick denim so the 'white pant' travesty wasn't an issue. Except they seem to have disappeared!!

I haven't pulled out all my summer clothes just yet, but of the areas I've checked - they are long gone UGGH! They didn't get feet and march south for the winter, but dang it, where did they go?!

It is finally warming up, abet extremely slowly, I have been feeling inspired by all these ladies and I want to wear them now. With a few layers. No need to wait til summer to bust them out! Ok I must head to the basement and dig in my storage bins, otherwise I will be off to find myself another 'perfect' pair!

{These are in the running so far as options}


  1. I have this same problem with my denim shorts. They freaking disappeared. WTF. What the F.

  2. OH man, hopefully you will find them soon! I am waiting for the snow to melt to start wearing mine, this is one of my fave trends :)

  3. I have an awesome pair of DL1961 Angel jeans in white. I bought them at cityblue on Wells last year, but they're sold on shopbop.

  4. I feel like I've been waiting unnecessarily long to break mine out, at least till May! Then it's fair game, but I do LOVE mine! I hope you find yours soon ( :


  5. i still haven't found the perfect white jeans, which is sad because i really want some! i hope you find yours!

  6. ahhh so annoying! mine are from American eagle and they work pretty well and were super affordable. fingers crossed you find them!
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  7. this is right up my alley - i'm in need of a new pair, my last ones shrunk ALOT, or I just gained a few lb's in the winter. hehe

  8. Oh no, that is so sad!! I hope you might still find them. The other day I thought my black blazer was 100% gone from my closet and then I took another look and there it was WAY in the back of the closet. It was as if it was hiding from me. lol So maybe there is still hope!

  9. I'm sure they'll turn up -- but I totally understand. Great jeans are a beast to find!
    xo Josie

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