Friday, April 5, 2013

happy weekend!!!

Oh Happy Friday.Weekend!!!! It's been a killer week, the days flew by! I snuck a few personal days in this week since I had some of my close friends from California in town. Talk about a treat! Friends and two full days of with the Hubs?! Loves it! But man, two full days off mid-week shopping and then eating/drinking your way around town is exhausting! Lots of craft beers, fancy cocktails, too many pit stops for food and a few nights out too late. So fun, but getting up for work yesterday and heading into the office for an 8 am meeting.....followed bu a day of back-to-back meetings and a to-do list 10 miles too long. Rough Sauce! So even though I had a light load at 'time at work' I can't wait to get sometime this weekend and put my feet up & chillax! I'm pretty excited for my new sunnies to arrive, currently stalking the mailman! Found this fun little skirt and I had to snatch it up during their sale, if only it would get warm enough so I could wear it, sans tights! Thinking I might need to go get a pedi and come home rocking some new hot pink polish.....sooooo ready for summer! 

Catch you loves next week!!!


  1. Personal days are ALWAYS good!! Wishing you a very happy weekend love! XOXOXO

  2. Wishing you a happy, relaxing weekend, Taylor!
    xo Josie


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