Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cream & White

Scarf - H&M (old) // Blazer - Zara (old) // T- JCrew // Jeans - JCrew // Purse - Chloe 
// Booties - Dolce Vita // Sunnies - Rx RayBans // Watch - Michael Kors

Spring weather hasn't really sprung for us in Chicago, but I'm pretty over coats  and dark colors, so I went with it. The lake breezes, big swings in temps daily - just part of life of up here. I pretty much froze when I wore this late last week when my friends were in town but you do what you have it some days. The scarf and a cami under the T cut the chill down a bit. Nothing a few cocktails with friends couldn't solve! But you can sure bet I'm ready to not want multiple layers (no matter how light they are), or covered feet/arms! Bring on the warmth, exposed limbs and freshly pedicured toes! :) {It's coming and I can't wait!}

But hey we have sunshine again!!!! Yay for the return of sunglasses!!! :)


  1. LOVE this on you! I've been rocking rolled up jeans too, feels fresh!! Happy Spring, love.

  2. I have that blazer too - need to break it out again! Love it with the booties!

  3. It's the same here -- rainy and gross out, but I'm so over winter that I dress so inappropriately. Love your adorable jacket!
    xo Josie

  4. Yay, finally an OOTD! Lol, I've missed this feature on your blog ;) I live next to the ocean and I can understand how sucky it is to have big swings in temperature throughout the day.


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