Tuesday, April 30, 2013

bits of....randomness

Life. It's been great lately! Don't you just love when that happens? Things fall into place, and not much to complain about?! I sure do! It's kinda been so great, that I've been out enjoying it. keeping my phone tucked away, and just out enjoying the sights the sounds, the people! Here are little bits of randoms that perked my interest over the past week or so! :)

1. It's bike riding season again!!!!!!! Sound the alarms, honk the horns! Unlike my Husband who rode his bike every.single.day.this.winter my little lady had been collecting dust. A couple of weeks ago I tested the waters, it may have been a bit chilly then, but everyday it's getting warmer and the miles of peddling are ever increasing! I can't wait for more adventures this summer on my bike! {Sunglasses - Lookmatic Marlowe's}
2. Every time the weather warms up I search high and low for more dresses with exposed backs. I saw this image on Pinterest and I love it! The big old top-knot, the wispy hair and dress caught in the wind - perfect summer afternoon! There is something so sexy about an exposed back to me, I will instantly love a dress or shirt 10x more if the back is exposed or scooped out low!
3. This.Dress!!! I walked into J.Crew last week and had to try it on. The color, the cut - and the peep in the back (go look at the pictures online - then imagine it looking so much cuter in person, because it does!)!!! In LOVE!!! Looks like it may already be sold out online, but I'm sure it will be back or try your stores! I already know where I am wearing it first, now just to decide if i want to funk it up with a pair of wedges, or keep it classic with some peep toe heels - those are my kinda choices!
4. I loved the print so dang much, the perfect shade kelly green with hot pink hibiscus, yummy! ....I might have needed to order it in bathing suit form you know to just see! hehe and yes, I did, it should arrive tomorrow!!!
5. These were the jeans I posted about here, I got them. And they are even better than I could have hoped for!! They fit like a dream, the stretch = perfect, and the denim is like butta! So soft!


  1. i need that bikini. i also need a place to wear it.

    1. I'm in love and I think a girls trip would be perfect, we should plan one!!! ;)

  2. Woot for happy times! And that dress is delish!

  3. Oh my gosh...I saw that bikini on J Crew. In love with that print! So so cute~

  4. I LOVE those jeans -- I'm glad you're such a fan!
    xo Josie


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