Friday, March 29, 2013

happy weekend!!!

Happy just.about.Weekend!!!! The week really got away from me, considering I worked both Saturday and Sunday last weekend - I really haven't had a true day off since the 17th. I want to sleep in, do laundry (and actually put it away instead of living out of the dryer). And relax. Oh and this week I had a case of the' So of course I am dying to finish it (actually the 4th book in a series, and the 3rd one this week!) I must know what happens! Also the temps are almost in the mid 50's so I think the pooch deserves a nice looooong walk tomorrow, while I sip my coffee (cuz it's supposed to drop again to mid 30's next week UGH!)! 

What are you up to?! 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 things

I was tagged. Like tag you are it! Christin tagged me & then Lara, so of course I had to-do it! Can't disappoint these ladies, or you!! Any who, I've done these types of lists before on my blog (here), I've shared them on others, and they are all so fun but I'm pretty much out. So I thought I'd change up my 5 things a bit.

Throwing all caution into the wind, I'm turning it over to my better half. ie The Hubs. I asked him to share 5 things about yours truly  The good, the bad, the funny, the ugly he is by my side through thick and thin! So this gent knows me pretty darn well. I hope he goes easy on me....and I swear I did not change a.single.word. This is all him!

So without further a-do..... 5 Things about Taylor, written by her Husband:

1 - Taylor has a 3 awesome tattoos that I absolutely love!
2 - She might be the most competitive person I've ever met, she hates to lose.
3 - She is a night owl and dislikes the mornings, so much so that she hits snooze at least 3 times every morning
4 - She watches the worst trashy tv ever! Army Wives, Real Housewives, Teen Mom... all of the terrible shows!!!
5  - She is the perfect blend of everything from video games to politics to fashion to hosting parties to music all while being sexy and graceful! 

So there you have it! And this ladies is why I married him! And now, I ask you - Share something about yourselves in the comments - I want to know more!!! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Club Brunch

Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting my Book Club's monthly meeting. I changed things up from our normal evening of wine & food and hosted Brunch. It was so fun! I had a blast planning a menu, figuring out drinks and what to have on hand for all the ladies!

We started with a full variety of drinks. Hot drink options of coffee & hot cider. Cold drinks of Mimosas (duh!), and I had chilled water (plain and a pitcher with sliced cucumbers).

Then it was time to eat!!! 

There was a tower of glazed donuts. A yogurt bar: plain yogurt with granola, berries and honey. Fresh Fruit kabobs. A mountain of croissants, with strawberry preserves & butter. And of course the bacon....bacon and sausage. 

Beyond the mimosas, which are always the BEST.THING.EVER!!! The fresh flowers, and the mountain of bacon hit high up on my list!

I am ready to host my next girls night, brunch and dinner party! I don't get to host people near enough! Time to change that!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

come'on baby!!!

This time last year we had just come out of an 80 degree weekend! That's 60 degrees warmer than it is right now, in case you cared!!! Oh and we are expecting another dusting of snow. oh..... just having a little self pitty party over here! lol I'm just ready for 50's and beyond, it is almost April after all.

Bright lips. Beaches. Sun. Exposed skin! Gimmie, Gimmie, GIMMIE!!! Ok, now that that is out of my system, I feel better - but I could use all of the above, you know for all that warm weather! Just be sure to send some sun my way along with those & I'll be an even happier gal! ;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

bits of.....

Just little bits of my St Pats, Baby Bro visiting me weekend! Which BTW, I didn't not want to end!!! There was celebrating of St Patty's day on Saturday, snuggles after a huge brunch Sunday, and we rounded it out with a little family dinner! Perfection to me! :)

**Top Left: Bro & I in a bar.....he's not a baby any more! Center Right: 2/3 favorite boys snuggling!! Bottom Left: Table set for a family dinner! (See I do need a new dinning set up!!!) 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

doing a little gig!

Don't you love when you get goodies in your inbox??? Sale emails, love notes, and correspondence from friends  I know I sure do! Earlier this week I got a gem!!! It was from Madewell. (Odd choice right?!) But here's the deal - they are finally opening a store in Chicago!!! A store downtown, and NOT the burbs!!! 

Praise chickens, I am SO HAPPY!!!!! I love their stuff, I don't often head to the burbs and shopping online just isn't the same! I love their similarity to JCrew except the more CA laid back vibe, thats so up my alley!!! Sorry Crew your cute sister just moved into town and I may have to cheat on you a lot bit!  April 3rd, 932 Rush Street. I'll be there with bells on!!! Here are some beauties I want to live with me!!!!!!

I am silly excited! Do you have a Madewell by you? Do you have a favorite item from them? I want all the secrets! Please share!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get the Look

I love 'flipping' virtual pages of street-style blogs and sites. Including scouring Pinterest!!! Especially now as we are on the downward slope of 'winter' yet not near ready to wear 'spring' clothes - I need some inspiration.

Feeling semi-uninspired with the same winter-wear routine, I turned to the web! These two looks below recently caught my eye. I have pieces in my closet to recreate them without dropping a dime in any store - Win!!! Now I'm ready to recreate and get the look! {I also pulled easy pieces - that will go beyond on wear for you to do the same!}

How have you been feeling inspried lately? Do you ever find a 'look' and recreate with your own pieces?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

take me away!!!

If Monday's post didn't foreshadow my dreams of spring I should have been more clear!!! I am ready. So. Ready!!!

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed all day. It was great! Not!!! Oh..... but I did get to go sledding. On my back stairs, on my ass, at 7am. Not fun! Not fun at all!!!! Depending where you were in the city you may have received different amounts of snow. I calculated my hood got about 8+ inches of new snow by 6:00pm (I say new bc the stuff from oh Saturday was still there!). In the grand scheme of things, it's really not the end of the world. I'm just ready for some change and ready to expose some skin and get some vitamin D!!! I am pale, and I need a tan! Take me away!!!!!

Currently on the hunt for a new suit....there's a summer vacation looming! I want some of these!!!!


Monday, March 4, 2013

LOOKing ahead

1Celine// 2 Warby Parker // 3 Warby Parker // 4 Lookmatic // 5 Stella McCartney

Still not yet spring, there's still snow on the ground. But the surest way to tell brighter warmer days are coming.... SUN!!! I had to bust mine out of hibernation this weekend!!!! After a month or three straight with gray days, limited amounts of super bright sun it's welcome sign of the days ahead!

I want need to get myself another pair of sunnies this spring summer, but have no idea what style to get!!! I do know I want a plastic frame to go alongside my Aviators. Now do I go a classic shape? Something bold & round? White? Tortoise? And sadly, RX is a must - these eyes are as young as they used to be! ;)

What would you pick???

Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy Weekend Dolls!!! It's been a bear of a week of here. I think I blinked twice and all I saw was work and snow then more work. And now we are at Friday again! I don't have much on the agenda for the weekend - a much needed hair appointment, planning on some time at the gym (aka Barre Bee Fit), and sadly I already know I have to work most of tomorrow on a big project deployment. Alas such is life!! But hey it is the weekend, so cheers to that!!!

Anything fun on your agendas? Do tell!!! See ya next week loves! PS - How is it March already????

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