Monday, February 25, 2013

Star Files: The Oscars 2013

Award Season is so fun and ends with one of Hollywoods biggest nights, in Fashion that is!!! I always love to see who will wear what, who will come out and stun us - both in the good and bad ways. Did you watch?? Did you follow along on Twitter during the red carpet? Man that's the best! I love seeing everyone's commentary, their takes, their picks!

On to my favs!!! No big surprises here, these ladies!!!!

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive // Charlize Theron in Dior

I mean, they both look flawless. Namoi's asymmetrical neckline. The sequins, the perfectly tosseled up-do. Her hair stylist needs to show me how to make that happen!!! The messy chic look, so hard, but so good! And Charlize! Jaw hit floor! WOW. I know she is glamazon tall, and her body oh so enviable. But the hair, the buzz/pixie. She rocks it! It's styled up, its fresh it's modern. And I'm SOOOO debating giving into my husbands biggest wish - just doing it! She makes me want to grab the clippers in the best way possible! 

Now onto some of the flippy floppities.... 

Halle Berry in Versace // Anne Hathaway in Prada // Kristen Stewart in Naemm Kahn

Man. Halle you are stunning always, but this dress is way to 80's for me. Anne. oh dang you Anne. I'm sure you are all following her newest twitter handle right?! {HathwayNipple}The side boob, the chest region not fitting right. She is such a classic beauty, and this didn't do her any justice. And lastly, Kristen Stewart. Your dress isn't even bad. BUT.... Can someone get this girl a hair brush, hair stylist, something? I think this undone thing of hers, it's done it's over - move onto something new. And please stop showing up like this, please & thank you! And because I couldn't bear to post a picture of this train wreck. Please click this link and go bottom to full slide show, then to slide 78. She kills me. And why is she even there.... but lord so bad!

Ok, now share - Who was Your FAV and who was your big flop of the night?

*All images via Huffington Post


  1. The hair on KStew!!! She needed a brush ASAP. I wish she would stick to one style, when she puts a little effort she can look really good, like I honestly loved it when she wore that Black Roberto Cavalli at some premiere a while back.

  2. kristen stewart: lookin' like a hot mess. I heard she was hungover, passed out in the limo, and rolled onto the red carpet without looking in the mirror. just kidding, but maybe?

    anne hathaway: I saw nothing but what is questionably nipples? or poorly, exaggerated stitching? she's gorgeous. but not a soul saw her face.

    naomi watts: swoooooon! she's to die for - head to toe. absolutely stunning.

  3. I thought that Jennifer Aniston looked lovely in her red dress.
    xo Josie

  4. obsessed with Charlize was NOT a fan of Anne's.


  5. Naomi and Charlize were among my faves too!! And KStew is a hot freaking mess!!! xoxo


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