Friday, February 8, 2013

Now N Later

Spring is on the brain!!! (see here) It's been snowing off and on for over a week now - I am not really complain, well maybe a little. But it is winter, I do live in Chicago, so I need to hush up. But it's so hard to not dream about exposed limbs and fun new spring time outings.

I want this dress. I could easily dress it up for work. Dress it down for the weekends. Layer it up NOW, and without layers later!

And my newest thing, layering over dresses! I might be late to the boat, but I've started layering collared shirts over dresses, and on the chilliest of days adding a crew neck sweater over top of that! It extends the life of some items in your closet and instantly adds a big handful of fun 'skirts' to choose from!

This dress wont break the bank and comes in so many fun colors - I think I need one, or two. Now which color?! Grey so safe, but the peachy, warm/soft red - I love both!


  1. That striped sweater is DARLING.
    xo Josie

  2. I love the layered look! Very cute

    xx Ani

  3. Great idea on the layering!! Get the peachy one!


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