Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy V day!

Happy V Day loves!!! Do you have any special plans? Fancy dinner with your man/sig other? Girls night out? Did you wear Pink/Red today? 

Nothing big on the agenda for the Hubs and I - he has work, but I may pop by just to give him an extra kiss or two! And a hug! Those are some of my favorites gifts! ;) 

image, edits made by me! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! We didn't have plans, but I am suspicious that the hubs is up to something ;)

    1. OOO those are the best!!!! I love when boys do stuff like that! I hope it's great!

  2. Girls night in for Kelly and I !

  3. Have a fun Valentine's Day, Taylor!
    xo Josie


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