Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black and Denim

Had a little date night the other night, and there were two little bitty's in my possession dying to be worn. The Shoes and the Lips. The lips being the most controversial!!! ;) This can go down in history, and my Mom can attest, this is the first time outside my wedding that I voluntarily wore lipstick!  And, hold your self, I liked it!!!!! 

The shoes, these babies need more opportunities to be worn! 

Coat: J.Crew (last year) // Denim Jacket: Zara // Blouse: Joie // Necklace: Bauble Bar // 
Jeans: Hudson // Shoes: Lanvin x HM // Clutch: F21 // Leather Gloves: Club Monaco 
Lips: Revlon Color Riche in Pink Cashmere

** Not my cutest facial expression above - just keeping it real not all shots are cute! And it's mainly for my mom - she needed extra proof this day existed! She may have had a small heart attack when I told her what I did! And my shoes, I love them, but they aren't the best snow shoes. Evidence in the water drops! 

What is your favorite lipstick? And color? I am on the hunt for SO.MANY.MORE!!!


  1. OMG ! OMG ! OMG !

  2. Revlon has the best lipsticks...I love their Just Bitten Lip Balm Stains...not quite a commitment to the lipstick, but just enough color!

    1. OOO I'll have to try those! Do you have a color you love?

  3. The tarte lip crayon thingys are awesome!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you love!!! It's great and so easy to wear!!

  5. You look lovely girl!
    I agree with Samantha. The Revlon Lip balms are amazing. Also, I really love BITE beauty lipsticks, they are so creamy.

  6. I love that lip color (and outfit as well!) After a trip to Sephora lately I am totally in love with Givenchy lipsticks. They are so creamy and non-drying!

    Fleur de Lyss

  7. super cute shoes! i keep meaning to wear lipstick more often.. .and then i forget haha.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com
    -- sephora giftcard giveaway

  8. LIPS are on point sister! You are looking hot...so lovely to see your face!!!

  9. I LOVE those shoes! Super cute.
    xo Josie

  10. Gorgeous! I'm with Josie. The shoes are amazing! A fave of mine for a while now has been Bobbi Brown's Cosmic Raspberry!


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